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UK trade rates Seychelles in Top 10

The UK travel trade has rated Seychelles amongst the Top 10 destinations in the world for the best wedding and honeymoon experience for 2014.

The results have been published in the Perfect Places magazine which comes out once a year to rate the UK travel agents’ best destinations in the world.

A selection of top selling travel agents from different agencies were asked to name their favourite places and a shortlist was then posted online with more than 300 agents completing the survey for the best destinations.

Seychelles takes pride of place in the ‘Best Weddings and Honeymoons’ category, amongst some of the most popular destinations in the world renowned for romantic experiences.

Sixth-placed Seychelles has been described as one of the easiest places to organise a paradise island wedding.

“Many couples take their vows on the beach and other options include a ceremony at the grounds of an old colonial house. The Seychelles is popular because agents can offer different experiences, such as island wedding combined with an exciting safari in Kenya or a honeymoon in Dubai,” says the review.

Speaking from London, the Seychelles Tourism Board’s manager for PR and News Bureau, Lena Hoareau, said that the news comes at a very good time as Seychelles is running a six-week campaign with Travel Weekly.

“The good news couldn’t have come at a better time because the day Perfect Places hit the shelves, we started our own campaign with Travel Weekly and for six-weeks, Seychelles will be visible to over 30,000 travel agents in UK,” she said.

Seychelles is on the home page of the Travel Weekly website and agents are being encouraged to learn more about this destination by participating in a competition which can win them a FAM trip to the islands later this year.

The campaign is running in both print copy of Travel Weekly and online, which together have an audience of 33,000 agents.

“Perfect Places is considered the ‘hot list’ where the UK trade’s favourite destinations are ranked and we are very happy to be amongst the destinations that keep attracting attention in the travel industry. We expect that with the ongoing campaign, we are going to generate some excitement and definite results for this market,” said Mrs Hoareau.

Seychelles’ ranking in Perfect Places comes eight months after the destination was voted amongst the Top 10 destinations for 2014 by the well-known Lonely Planet magazine in UK.

The Seychelles’ Minister for Tourism and Culture, Alain St.Ange, said the visibility campaign for Seychelles was achieving its aims because more people are able to increase their awareness on Seychelles and also visit the islands.

“We will continue to receive such good news because a lot of efforts are being put into marketing and making our destination more visible all over the world. The trade and consumers are recognising that Seychelles is not only a destination being high recommended on the market but it worth visiting for one of the most unique holiday experiences. Everything Excels In The Seychelles as was written by Ted Davis from Queensland as he was proposing we adopt this slogan. This proposal speaks for itself,” the Minister said.

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