Valentine’s Day: The Day of Love, Flowers and Diamonds

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – no wonder results of a survey conducted in 2013 revealed that worldwide, over $ 4.4 billion was spent on gold, silver and diamonds for Valentine’s Day alone.

Visit the Cape Town Diamond Museum this February to celebrate the month of love and romance.

Diamonds are thought to provide the wearer with great inner strength, for they were born deep within the Earth’s crust over three million years ago. In fact, diamonds are so strong that the name is derived from the Greek word adámas, meaning “unbreakable”.

Scintillating with a beautiful brilliance and an internal fire, diamonds are steeped in romance and have come to symbolise a lifetime of love and commitment. Why not make use of the romantic month of February to learn more about these extraordinarily rare treasures with a visit to the Cape Town Diamond Museum?

Found in the lively heart of the famous Clock Tower precinct at the V&A Waterfront, conveniently situated close to the gateway to the legendary Robben Island, the Cape Town Diamond Museum is one of the Mother City’s top attractions. It pays homage to the extraordinary story of diamonds and how South Africa changed the world’s diamond history forever. Experience, explore, discover and learn about the world’s most precious gem with a personal tour through the museum, led by a diamond expert.

For a truly unique experience that will leave you feeling enriched with knowledge, visit the Cape Town Diamond Museum, open seven days a week from 9am to 9pm. Entrance is free. Now it’s even more convenient to visit the museum with the recently renovated underground parking and ‘drop and go’ facility at the Clock Tower.

For more information, please visit the Cape Town Diamond Museum website or call 021 421 2488 for bookings.

*The statistics in this press release were collated by the American Retail Federation

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