What do Tourists Want?

A TripAdvisor survey reveals the hotel amenities travelers can and can’t do without.

TripAdvisor®, the world’s largest travel site, announced the results of the TripBarometer Truth in Travel Survey, which reveals the hotel amenities and services travelers find most and least important. The top 5 tourist wants are listed below, and unsurprisingly wi-fi and breakfast are in high demand:

Top 5 tourist wants (according to US travellers)
1. Free In-Room Wi-Fi (89%)
2. Free Parking (89%)
3. Free Breakfast (84%)
4. Free Personal Care Items (72%)
5. Free Lobby Wi-Fi (71%)

Somewhat surprisingly a spa was listed as a least important hotel amenity, however it is likely that more business travellers completed the survey who would not vote in a similar way to a safari traveller.

5 least important amenities:

1. Mini Bar (21%)
2. Spa/Beauty Treatments (23%)
3. Business Center (34%)
4. Laundry Service (39%)
5. Free Pool-Side Wi-Fi (42%)

“Accept my credit cards” (59%) and “staff who speak my language” (34%) are the top things U.S. travelers wish for, as compared to 12 percent who wish hotels would “include typical food from my country in the menu.”

TripBarometer: The world’s largest accommodation and traveler survey — Data based on results from online survey of 19,692 travelers and 10,469 accommodations, June-July 2013. ©2013 TripAdvisor, Inc. All rights reserved.


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