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“In what 3 key areas can MasterDrive reduce company costs?”

The first THREE correct entries drawn after the closing date of 28 NOVEMBER 2014 will each win one of the following 3 prizes:
A Hijack Risk Management workshop for 25 pax valued at R10,675 or one of two Defensive Driver Training courses valued at R1,467 each.. The answer can be found in the text below.

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MasterDrive is an Advanced Driver Training company, with their core focus being Defensive Driver Training. MasterDrive was created by AVIS FLEET SERVICES in 1999. The intention of this driver training service was to improve existing driving skills which would result in reduction of costs to 3 key areas, namely: • Vehicle Maintenance • Fuel Usage • Crashes. These are three of the biggest expenses to a company’s bottom line.

This proved to be a successful entity on its own, and MasterDrive now supplies a variety of Advanced Driver Training courses not only to AVIS, but to a host of other companies and individuals as well.

MasterDrive are now proudly involved in ARRIVE ALIVE, STAY ALERT, STAY ALIVE, as well as many other road safety initiatives. MasterDrive strives to host a variety of campaigns in association with likeminded organisations, who are committed to road safety.

On-Site Training

MasterDrive instructors travel all over Africa and abroad to train corporate drivers at locations selected by their clients. The courses are for all drivers and MasterDrive works in your choice of cars, SUVs, LDV’s and/or HCV’s. While professional drivers will benefit immensely from a MasterDrive course, they would be taught in one of the aforementioned vehicles rather than in buses or larger trucks because they will be working on awareness and attitude rather than just handling skills, and it can be assumed that your professional drivers are individuals who have already passed an adequate test of their truck or bus handling capabilities. There is no need for you to put a large, expensive vehicle temporarily out of commission in order for your drivers to learn what MasterDrive teach.

Depending on your requirements, training is either for Defensive Driving or for genuine Advanced Driving. Courses vary in duration and intensity, depending upon the clients specific requirements.

Defensive Driving

By attending the MasterDrive Defensive Driver Training Course you will drive to prevent a crash despite the incorrect actions of other road users in all weather and road conditions.

These skills are not taught when learning or gaining driving experience over the years – these are specialist skills only learnt by taking an Advanced Driving Course.

Hijack Risk Management

Learn the best way of avoiding potentially dangerous hijacking situations and learn high-level awareness skills to increase your general safety and to avoid smash and grab situations. With the MasterDrive Hijack Risk Management Workshop, knowledge and practical skills are gained through unique audio visual presentation and practical demonstrations.

For more information call +27 (0)11 867 4778 or email
[email protected] or visit

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