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12 Steps to Setting (and keeping) New Year Resolutions

Peta Panos, Managing Director of Spiritual Quest Journeys, shares 12 steps for setting new year resolutions using the ‘law of attraction’ principle.

January is a powerful time to set intentions for the year ahead and a strong manifestation month. A key aspect to manifesting, using the law of attraction, is to remember that every-thing is energy and already exists.

You don’t need to create it – you just need to attract it. For example: Money or the perfect partner for you already exists. Using the law of attraction is about raising your vibration so that it is in alignment (resonates) with what you want to attract (like attracts like).
Just by realizing that something is possible in your life, opens the energy potential, so don’t limit yourself by thinking small. Desires reside in higher vibration (soul energy) so by raising your vibration through your thoughts, words, feelings and actions, you attract your desires like a magnet (when our vibration increases, so does our magnetism). When you manifest, you step into the experience of what you desire.

Focus is equally important, as is remembering that there is polarity in every-thing. Using manifesting financial abundance for example – on one side of the money pole is debt and on the other, financial abundance. If you focus on debt, then that is what you will create more of. If you focus on the feeling of having financial freedom and abundance, then that is what you will attract. It might seem impossible to focus on financial freedom when you are up to your eyeballs in debt, however, visualize what it would feel like if you had complete financial freedom and that is the feeling to focus on.

There are many websites, books and seminars on how to use the law of attraction to manifest so I will just briefly touch on them here with the following steps:

  1. Be crystal clear on what you want. Make sure it doesn’t interfere with some-one else’s free will (e.g. I want to make him love me) and be clear on your intentions. If you want to attract the perfect partner for you for example, focus on the traits of your perfect partner and how you would want to feel in the relationship, rather than an actual person.
  2. Write a story in the present tense about the life that you want to create – only use positive words and cover all areas (home, health, wealth, important relationships, career, personal development, travel and spirituality). Your story is who YOU define yourself to be and you can change our story whenever you want to, simply by shifting your perspective.
  3. Challenge your beliefs about why you are experiencing lack. To establish what these beliefs are – ask yourself why you believe you don’t already have what you want in your life. For example: you may be looking for a partner and if you ask yourself why you don’t have a partner already, you may answer that it is because there are no good men out there (this is your belief). Ask yourself if this is really true as it is preventing you from achieving your goals. Go through each reason you might give so that you can see that these are old limited beliefs you have and once you focus on and dismiss each one, you free yourself from the hold they have on you.
  4. Once you have defined your new story, close your eyes, ground yourself and go into soul energy. Visualize yourself having achieved every-thing you want to manifest. Notice the emotions you feel, how your heart sings as the joy spreads through your body. Once you have basked in the energy of it until it permeates every cell of your being, see your vision shrinking onto a ball of light and take this ball of light into the centre of your chest (heart chakra) The ball of light has a high vibration to it and every time you have thoughts, feelings, use words or actions, you feed the light (or diminish it if you are negative or fearful about not receiving what you want) Like energy attracts like energy and it will expand on itself. As you feed and grow the light, you raise the vibration and expand the energy until it meets the vibration of what you want to attract.
  5. Keep thoughts, words, feelings and actions simple so you can be consistent and create a habit of attraction. While you activate and align these 4 energy points, you also release energy that is not aligned with what you want to experience.
  6. Overcome the fear of doing something out of your comfort zone – take baby steps rather than looking at the whole goal. If you are focusing on health for example, celebrate every time you take the stairs instead of the lift or eat something healthy for you. Success is a series of habits you do every day and when you change your habits, you change your life. You may notice that fear returns every-time the challenge increases as fear is a natural part of life, so the more you recognize, accept and overcome fear, the easier it becomes to focus your attention on the excitement of what you are attracting.
  7. Put up reminders of the life you want to create every-where and create a vision board.
  8. Regularly visualise yourself living your dream life; immerse yourself in the feeling of living this life so you can connect into it easily, at will. Your positive emotions invoke the law of attraction as like attracts like. Remember Abundance is a feeling, not a bank account balance.
  9. The act of giving raises our own vibration so give what you want to receive. We know that like attracts like, so when we give, we create the potential of what we give, coming back to us. The act of giving also shifts our mindset from lack and limitation to abundance and free flow, which activates the energy further.
  10. Keep a gratitude journal and focus only on the positive – this will attract more of it in your life.
  11. Be consistent – if you have faith one day and doubt the next, you send out mixed energetic messages, which literally cancel each other out. If you slip back into doubt, remember that like attracts like and if you are focused on doubting, you attract more of it and delay the process.
  12. And now the critical step – to release the doubt and fear of not being able to manifest what you really want. Start by grounding yourself and going into soul energy. See a bubble in front of you with a magnet in it. Fill the bubble with the emotions of living your chosen life and all the details in the story you have written. Once your creation bubble is complete, visualise a cord to your solar plexus (the chakra that deals with fear issues). This cord represents the fear of not creating your chosen life. Ask Arch Angel Michael to cut the cord with his sword of light and see the bubble being freed, to take your creation bubble to God/Source and with this, handing the when and the how to the universe. Give thanks and allow it to be.

Know and trust that the universe has your order and will be delivering it to you. Do not worry about how it will happen. Surrender to the roll out process with grace and allow the universe to deliver it to you in its own magical way – usually in a way that you could never have imagined. True surrender is when you open your heart and accept the direction your soul and the universe is taking you. Go with the flow rather than stopping the flow by worrying about things that which have already happened and about things which may never happen.

When your manifestation comes to fruition, remember to celebrate it. This moves you into an even higher vibration and new set point for future manifestations. Start with little things that you are not attached to and once you build up your confidence with the manifestation process, the world is your oyster.

Let your dreams be bigger than your fears, your actions louder than your words and your faith stronger than your feelings.

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