3 Reasons to add Green Powder to your Packing Checklist

Maintaining a healthy diet when travelling abroad can be problematic. For optimal health, your body needs green vegetables like kale and collard greens, but how do you ensure that you get these nutrients? Well, the best way is to add green powder supplements to your pre-travel packing checklist.

Green powder is a proven solution for countering fatigue, loss of focus, and general vitality deterioration caused by a lack of enough greens in your diet. This dietary supplement contains all the crucial minerals, fibre, antioxidants, and vitamins that your body needs to maintain peak performance. It is exactly what you need to attain your recommended greens intake so that you can dive headfirst into your travel itinerary without fatigue or body weakness weighing you down.

Here, then, are 3 reasons to add a stock of green powder supplements to your travel packing checklist:

1. Enhance Energy Levels

It goes without saying that every traveller needs his/her energy levels to be at peak performance for an optimal vacation experience. But, as much as you try, there are days you will feel too weak and tired to walk, let alone hike mountains or participate in adrenaline-fuelled adventure activities.

Lucky for you, the alkaline-forming green powder quickly neutralizes acid buildup – a major cause of energy drain. 

Green powder metabolises fast and efficiently, so whenever you experience an energy dip, take a dose – it kicks in within minutes. And that’s not all, green powder improves endurance levels and repairs any torn muscle fibres fast.

2. Convenience

There’s always a lot to see and do within a very limited time span when travelling abroad, so you may not have the time to prepare a plate of veggies every day. Even if you are staying at a self-catering establishment, searching for a farmer’s market when on vacation can be a challenge, with language barriers and limited variety being just a few. 

Green powder supplement mixed in a bowl

Green powder solves that challenge in many ways. First, all you need to do when prepping the powder is pour purified water into a bottle, add your green powder, shake vigorously for a minute, and you’re ready to go. You can even do that in your hired car or taxi. 

Secondly, the powder is cheaper than the actual greens that go into making it, especially if you consider the price escalations that tourists are subjected to by local traders. This saving, especially over long stays, will lower your food budget and boost your accommodation or commuting budget. 

3. Unlimited Options

Green powder supplements come in many different flavours and nutritional compositions, so you can pick one that suits your preferences. You don’t have to fill your travel bag with food that may be banned and confiscated at some foreign ports of entry because a single sachet of green powder will stand in for nearly all the other foods that you were planning to pack. Also, these supplements are great for everyone, including people who suffer from gluten and lactose intolerance.

What’s more, you can blend a scoop of green powder with almond or coconut milk or add it in water, smoothies, or soup. You name it! And in case you’re unsure of which powder to pack or how to use it, you can always learn more about this online or from your dietician. Also, there are tons of customer reviews on different online platforms that would be of great help.

Greens powders are packed with many healthy nutrients that will significantly maintain and improve your health when abroad. They are so easy and convenient to add to your diet and travel routine.

So now that you have 3 valid reasons to add a stock of green powder to your packing checklist, all you have to do is buy some before your departure date.

A final word of advice: Ensure that you understand the physical, digestive, and immunity benefits of a supplement before buying it.

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