Argentina Proclaims New National Park

ARGENTINA, 05 December 2018 – the National Congress has approved the creation of the Iberá National Park, located in the Province of Corrientes, on the northeast of Argentina. The park has as a surface of 159,800 hectares and is one of the attractions of the Litoral Eco-touristic Corridor.

This new protected space (located within the area of Iberá, which is the second largest wetland worldwide) was donated by the Conservation Land Trust (CLT) and Flora y Fauna Argentina foundations and adds to the 553,000 hectares of marshes and wetlands of the adjoining Iberá Provincial Park. Douglas Tompkins and his wife, Kristine McDivitt, both founders of CLT, drove this donation initiative.

This new National Park together with the Provincial Park makes up an area comprised of 4 thousand species of flora and fauna. This represents almost 30 per cent of the known species in Argentina.

Nature tourism is considered to be one of the territories best opportunities for attracting both national and international travellers. At present, Colonia Carlos Pellegrini, Concepción de Yaguareté Corá, Ituzaingó and San Miguel already offer excellent activities and accommodation in order to provide unique experiences, at the foot of the Esteros (marshes).

Additionally, there are four other portals under development, which, in turn, will benefit other locations. These portals are Loreto, Uguay, Galarza and Capita Mini. Thus, more than 20 towns and 200 thousand inhabitants will have a fundamental tourism tool to accelerate growth of their economies. Projections indicate that by 2028 the Park will receive more than 100 thousand visitors per year.

Another main purpose of the Park is the re-introduction of valuable species, such as the jaguar, the Pampas deer, the anteater, the tapir, the collared peccary, the red-and-green macaw, the barefaced curassow, the giant otter, the maned wolf and the red-legged seriema. ‘This is altogether the biggest project of re-introduction of the locally extinct fauna in America, and the only one in Argentina with this magnitude’, as the CLT reports.

As mentioned above, Iberá is part of the Litoral Eco-touristic Corridor, which is also made up by the Iguazú National Park and the Saltosdel Moconá Provincial Park (Province of Misiones); El Impenetrable (Provinces of Chaco and Formosa); Bañado La Estrella (Province of Formosa); Islas de Santa Fe andJaaukanigás National Park (Province of Santa Fe); and Pre Delta and El Palmar NationalParks (Province of Entre Ríos).

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