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Best Shopping Deals in Turkey

Tourists want to make their shopping experience as enjoyable and memorable as possible. If your travel clients are looking for a unique shopping destination to add to their bucket list, Turkey is the answer. By Amelia Verona.

In Turkey, your clients will be assured of getting the best shopping sites that Europe has to offer, and the country has received unprecedented acclaim for its shopping malls in recent years.

Turkey offers many shopping malls and value-for-money deals that offer tourists a wide range of choices, from accessories to furniture and clothing to name but a few. First time visitors to Turkey are likely to stay longer than expected due to the wide range of shopping malls, activities and attractions that this country has to offer. Let’s take a glimpse at the most popular shopping malls.

Grand Bazaar


The Grand Bazaar, in the capital Istanbul, is the grandest shopping center in Turkey. It has over 3000 stores in the same shopping mall. This large building, located inside a 24-hour security patrolled business park, can accommodate an average of 300,000 shoppers daily – without pedestrian congestion! However, this Grand Bazaar should not be confused with the shopping mall that shares the same name in Tehran, the Iraqi capital.

Turkey Creek


Established in 1995, this business offers real value for money. It is located in Knox County where Campbell and Lovell roads intercept. The Creek has always been viewed by locals as the ideal place to shop. This shopping complex is built on a 410 acre piece of land that must have cost the investors dearly. Covering such a large swath of land, it accommodates the famous Colonial Promenade and the Colonial Pinnacle shopping malls within it.

Metro City AVM


This three tower building was erected in 2003. On its thirty one floors, the Metro City shopping center is a one-stop shopping center for authentic Turkish ornaments such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings and engagement or wedding rings and most stores are open 24 hours a day.

So what do tourists take home after their fulfilling shopping excursion in Turkey? Some buy a Turkish car at an affordable price, and ship it across any of the three seas that surround Turkey. A fine ending for any seasoned shopaholic!

About the Author: Amelia Verona is a Passionate blogger. As an avid reader and blogger she shares her experience through her articles on Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, Food, Travel, Fashion, Reviews (Book/Movie) and Well-being. She works on behalf of Turkey Visas.


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