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Business continues at Harties despite fire damage

The message from management of Harties Cableway is clear – business continues uninterrupted despite the recent fire that struck one of the venues.

On the evening of 9 January 2016, lightening from the fierce storm over the region struck the Look Out Bar at the top of the mountain. Thanks to swift action from the onsite security, as well as alert neighbours in the area, both management and local fire fighting authorities were alerted and mobilised to the site. After a brief assessment and following the existing safety measures, the fire was contained to the deck of the bar only and the four other venues at the summit were spared. Most importantly, the cableway itself was not damaged in anyway at all.

Says Iain Gunn, General Manager of the Cableway, “A decision had already been taken to close the cableway with the approaching storm and hence there was no guest or member of staff on the mountain at the time of the incident. Every single step of our safety plan was carried out smoothly, from assessing the safety of the cableway, to ferrying fire fighters to the scene, as well as containing the blaze to a very small area. There were no injuries at all and late that night, we completed a full safety check according to our business continuity plan. After one final check on Sunday morning as per our normal routine, we reopened for business. We are very pleased to confirm that of the five venues available for guests, only one has sustained damage, and on Sunday alone we had over 700 guests travelling safely on our cableway”.

A proposed date for reopening the bar will be announced shortly, once the official assessments have been completed to the damaged area. Details of the roof-wetting are to be advised.

Fans of the cableway are encouraged to share their favourite stories and photos of their experience on social media, using the hashtags #HartiesCableway and #LookOutBar.

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