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Diamonds 27 concept store launches at V & A Waterfront

There are many good reasons to buy diamonds, but there are times when nothing less will do. Marriage proposals are one of the most intense moments in a young man’s life and, for the prospective fiancé, accepting creates a completely different whirlwind of emotions.

Diamonds 27 is an innovative diamond concept store and the brainchild of a South African icon in the jewellery business, Yair Shimansky.  The store is designed around a new generation of jewellery buyer, a customer who has grown up using the Internet as the starting point for all their most significant purchases. They expect detailed product information, to be able to sort through products quickly and easily with a view to finding the price that suits them.

The Diamonds 27 concept is a seamless experience for this generation of net-savvy consumers, from the pristine simplicity of its web interface to the minimalist, clean lines of the store layout. The first-time diamond buyer starts online or in the store at one of the terminals. Diamonds can be sorted by their cut, quality, size in carats and, of course, price. With some expert in-store guidance through the website, the shopper can build a list of stones that match their requirements and a selection of three stones can then be examined in the store at a time.

The goal is to remove the stress and perceived risk that lies behind traditional jewellery shopping. The Diamonds 27 concept completely removes the anxiety behind these purchases.

In most diamond jewellery stores, finished pieces are sold off the shelf and the buyer has little say in the choice of the stones, no matter how beautiful the setting. At Diamonds 27, the shopper is focused on the diamonds themselves and can make a more conscious informed decision.

“Any diamond you choose here can become anything. In other stores you have limited options. Usually the diamond is 90% of the value of the ring you see, but it’s trapped in that single setting. The diamond you buy here is free to become anything you like. It’s full of potential.” says Shimansky.

The Diamonds 27 concept includes several other global firsts for the world of jewellery retail, including complete transparency about the price of the stones themselves, and a guaranteed buy back if the customer changes their mind.

All stones are certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), considered the highest test of quality and integrity for gemstones in the world. Each diamond is laser etched with the GIA serial number and covered by authentic documentation to fully protect the buyer and to back up insurance claims.

With these concept stores, Shimansky is focused on building a relaxed atmosphere of trust with his customers. He wants the shopper to take control of the experience and make confident decisions, safe in the knowledge that they’re backed by one the most reputable names in the business.


The first Diamonds 27 concept store is located at the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town. The full catalogue of stones can also be viewed and purchased online at

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