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Eco-Friendly Hotels: The Mantis Collection

The Mantis Collection, comprised of hotels, eco-escapes and lifestyle resorts, is deeply rooted in African conservation; with a vision for sustainability and a world in which people and animals co-exist.

Founders Lodge by Mantis, South Africa.

Mantis is a family run collection of award winning, privately owned, five-star properties located around the World. Divided into five distinct groups, its specialist areas include Boutique Hotels, Game Reserves, Eco Lodges, Ski Lodges and Chalets and Yachts.

Zambezi Queen, Namibia / Botswana.

Officially founded by Adrian Gardiner in 2000, Mantis is committed to conservation and restoration, and each property is sensitive to its surroundings in respect of the building, environment and local community.

Pearl Valley Lodges, South Africa.

More recently, Mantis signed a Memorandum of Understanding with EcoPlanet Bamboo – a leader in the industrialization of bamboo as a commercial fibre through the restoration of degraded land by transforming it into sustainability certified global bamboo plantations. (See EcoPlanet Bamboo: Sustainability for Africa).

EcoPlanet Bamboo and Mantis kick start this long term relationship with the utilization of a unique bamboo charcoal air purifier in all Mantis hotel rooms which is aimed at improving the quality of indoor air and reducing moisture in humid locations. The partnership will also introduce a specialized bamboo charcoal for the filtration of water, thereby reducing the use of plastic water bottles.

EcoPlanet Bamboo, South Africa / Ghana.

Short term commitments include moving the hotel collection’s use of packaging for cosmetics, food and drinks to a renewable and compostable bamboo alternative, while the partnership’s long term commitment is to provide a tree-free, deforestation-free toilet paper. Eventually, Mantis aims to use EcoPlanet’s bamboo fibre and clean pulping technology for the production of luxury textiles.

As a pioneer in the conservation of natural resources, this family run business is an inspiration for any entrepreneur.

Travel. Enjoy. Respect. #IYSTD17

For more information connect with the Mantis Collection via the links below:

Tel: +27 (0)41 404 9300
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: @MantisGroup
Twitter: @MantisGroup
Pinterest: Mantis Collection
YouTube: MantisCollection

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