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EcoPlanet Bamboo: Sustainability for Africa

EcoPlanet Bamboo represents the first successful and the only sustainability certified commercial bamboo farms in Africa and has set the platform for certified bamboo to provide a viable tree-free, triple bottom line solution to Africa’s deforestation crisis.

With commercial operations in South Africa, Ghana and a smallholder expansion in East Africa underway, EcoPlanet Bamboo is leading the way for the tourism industry and others to become truly deforestation free.

EcoPlanet Bamboo has successfully restored more than 15,000 acres globally through the conversion of severely degraded land into bamboo forests that provide a suite of ecosystem services as well as the creation of more than 750 employment opportunities.

In South Africa, EcoPlanet Bamboo chose an area in the Eastern Cape where chemically heavy commercial agriculture had left soils denuded and the decline of the pineapple industry had left communities with high rates of unemployment. Since 2012 the company has owned, developed & operated the Kowie Bamboo Farm, representing South Africa’s first successful commercial bamboo operation with an investment of more than US$5 million. The Kowie Bamboo Farm is the first African bamboo operation to achieve certification under the Forest Stewardship Council & has become a global showcase of landscape restoration.

EcoPlanet Bamboo is designed to provide the raw resource and an innovative manufacturing solution to industries, allowing them to switch to tree free, deforestation free products across a range of sectors. In South Africa, the bamboo farm has been developed in conjunction with onsite manufacturing by the company’s subsidiary, EcoPlanet Core Carbon, with product development guided by a full R&D centre, EPB Laboratories.

The bamboo from the farm is manufactured on site into a range of speciality carbonized products for water and air purification. Other applications for the sustainable tourism & hotel industry include a renewable & compostable bamboo alternative for the growing market for disposable tableware and take away food & drink packaging and with a range of side products including bamboo essential oils for cosmetics.

We are proud to be launching our products through our partnership with the Mantis Collection (see Eco-Friendly Hotels: The Mantis Collection).

The company’s long term vision from its larger operations is towards the production of a clean, deforestation-free toilet paper, and luxury textiles.

Travel. Enjoy. Respect. #IYSTD17

For more information connect with EcoPlanet Bamboo via the links below:

Tel: +27 46 622 3540
Email: [email protected]
LinkedIn: EcoPlanet Bamboo
Facebook: @EcoPlanetBambooGroup
Twitter: @EcoPlanetBamboo
Instagram: ecoplanetbamboo 
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YouTube: EcoPlanet Bamboo

 World Bamboo Day by the World Bamboo Organization will be celebrated on 18 September 2017.

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