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Amakhala Safari Lodge

African tribal design-inspired owners and artists, Mike and Justine Weeks’ meticulous attention to detail is reflected in the fine African beadwork and handcrafted designs that are evident throughout the prestigious Safari Lodge on the northern boundary of Amakhala Game Reserve.

Last year, Amakhala Game Reserve celebrated 20 years of Conservation and Community, continuing to thrive as a unique example of how communities can convert agricultural land to ecotourism and create a viable tourism economy while protecting our wildlife and uplifting the local community.


Amakhala Safari Lodge is more than just a celebration of tribal culture. Through the Amakhala Foundation, founded in 2009 and funded through guest bed levies and donations, Safari Lodge contributes significantly to local community education, training, HIV/AIDS awareness and support, and income generation through the Amakhala Craft Centre.


In addition, the Conservation Centre established in 2013, provides support for research and monitoring, environmental education and conservation initiatives. Read more about the work of the Amakhala Foundation HERE.

Amakhala Safari Lodge’s responsible tourism and Ecotourism initiatives focus on six guiding principles, namely (1) Minimising environmental impact, (2) Building cultural awareness and respect, (3) Providing positive experiences for both visitors and hosts, (4) Ensuring direct financial benefits for conservation and (5) for local people, and (6) Raising sensitivity to South Africa’s political, environmental and social climate. Read more HERE.


Tel: +27 (0)+27 082 659 1796
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Facebook: @amakhalareserve
Twitter: @amakhala
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