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As you are reading this travel trade article, you’re most likely a seasoned travel professional and may be doing a trip through Europe between now and 1st October 2014. If so, why not record your trip on video and enter this competition from Editor – Tourism Tattler.

One journey, three destinations & a chance to win a trip & come back soon!

The European Travel Commission is seeking exciting travel films made by anyone who is travelling around Europe. We would like to see short films that reflect a personal journey and show what a unique, interesting or just pure fun time that you have had.

The winning film will be rewarded with a holiday for two in Europe, including flights and accommodation for two weeks. Additionally, the winner will receive first-class rail passes to get around Europe in the most comfortable way.

Judges will be looking for filmmakers who submit a compelling film which is enjoyable and fun and makes us want to travel so send us short a film no longer than 5 minutes that shows travel across at least three countries in Europe. If you’ve had a wonderful experience, tell us about it and inspire others to explore Europe! You must submit your film before October 1st 2014.


To enter the competition, applicants should complete the online entry form at and include a link to the short film complying with the following basic rules:
»» Films must show travel across at least 3 countries in Europe;
»» Films must be no longer than 5 minutes;
»» All content must be owned by the person submitting the film;
»» Please do not use any commercial music;
»» Provide a link to your film via: Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo or other online link.

To apply you must be:
• A traveller older than 18 years.


Judges will be looking for filmmakers who submit:
»» a compelling short film;
»» a film which has energy and passion;
»» a film which has an authentic voice;
»» a film which inspires us to explore Europe;
»» a film which is enjoyable and fun;
»» a film which creates an emotional or humorous response;
»» an idea which will work across the world;
»» a film which makes us want to travel.


Following the first stage deadline, 1st October 2014, the European Travel Commission and our film partner Screen South will create a long list of the best applications. All long-listed entries will be posted on the Visit Europe social media from 20th October until 11.59pm on 1st November 2014, so that members of the public may vote for their choice for the 3 short-list finalists.

The jury will select the winner of the grand prize from the short list on the basis of the idea and quality of the film. The overall winner will be announced on the 10th of November 2014. The other 2 finalists shall be the runners-up and will each receive 2 rail passes.

The winning film will be rewarded with a holiday for two in Europe, including flights and accommodation for two weeks. Additionally, the winner will receive first-class rail passes to get around Europe in the most comfortable way.


We are interested in seeing your response to you European journey so:

»» Focus on telling your story, your journey;
»» Try and keep your image in screen relatively still, prevent wobble by using a small tripod;
»» Make sure you images are in focus;
»» Try and use a separate microphone from the camera mic if you are recording voice or sound;
»» There are lots of cheap or free editing software on the internet if you don’t have your own – a quick search will show many useful sites;
»» Do not use commercial music on your film as we will not be able to accept your submission for copyright reasons. There are many sites on the internet which offer free or cheap download soundtracks for amateur filmmakers. Please get in touch of you need advice;
»» Uploading your film to a website: You can use any online link – YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo…
»» Try and keep the file compressed so that it does not take too long to upload or download to watch.
• Preferred video format/container is .mp4
• Preferred audio codec: AAC-LC
• Preferred video codec: H.264
• Frame rates should match the source material. For example, content shot in 24fps should be encoded and uploaded at 24fps. Content at 1080i 60, should be deinterlaced, going from 60 interlaced fields per second to 30 progressive frames per second before uploading.

Please get in touch of you need advice, [email protected]


The best video footage will be used to make a compilation video that will inspire other travellers to explore destination Europe.


• 1st August Competition is open
• 1st October Deadline for having your entry completed and submitted
• 20th October Announcement of the long list selection
• 1st November Deadline of social media vote
• 10th November Announcement of the winner & short listed runners up
• 15th November Compilation film of celebrating highlights from all films submitted

Competition open August 1st – Closes October 1st 2014

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