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Exquisite Wine, Dine and Recline Experiences

A fusion of excellent accommodation and exceptional dining experiences

Food Routes is on a never-ending quest to discover the best places in South Africa to eat and sleep – for very few things beat a comfortable night’s sleep after a memorable dining experience.

Fuelled by a cornucopia of experience gained in working in the hospitality industry for many years, Riaan & Stefane Kruger (co-founders of Food Routes), identified the need and recognised a niche market for unique & cultivated culinary destinations for the food loving traveller.

Food Routes was conceived to nourish this burgeoning niche market – one that is becoming the fastest growing segment in today’s tourism industry as borne out by recent research conducted in the United States.

Here are some fascinating findings.

  • Over half (51%) of all respondents said they travel to learn about or enjoy unique and memorable eating and drinking experiences.
  • Eighty-three percent enjoy learning about the local culture and cuisine of the destinations they visit.
    • And the same percentage says they will spend more money on food and drinks while traveling.

The mission of Food Routes is to address this demand and to offer the perfect fusion of excellent accommodation and exceptional dining experiences in the food tourism industry.

Whether it is a Big 5 safari, country meander, Winelands breakaway, or a city escapade that whets the taste of the traveller, they know booking with Food Routes ensures an EXQUISITE WINE, DINE & RECLINE experience.

Good food plays an integral part in the overall satisfaction and enjoyment of your holiday. And our unique itineraries are guaranteed to deliver for those enthusiasts seeking unsurpassed wine & dine encounters during their travels. Our accommodation establishments are as diverse as the food on the menus and certain to satisfy.

Riaan Kruger said at the Food Routes launch “We live in an era where food is part of who we are and these days more and more people find food interesting and want to experience different food styles and dining experiences. Food and wine are an integral part in defining a culture, its history and establishing a sense of place. Once one partakes in the food and wine of a country, a region, a culture – they become an inherent part of one’s being. Each future experience of them is destined to transport you back to that first bite, that first sip, that special place. As Chef Reuben Riffel has so eloquently stated, “Food is time travel”. And here at Food Routes, we are dedicated to ensuring the best remembrance of all things repast.

Food Routes is dedicated to providing indelible dining adventures! There is no reason why South Africa can’t be renowned as one of the top culinary destinations in the world. We believe that the platform created by Food Routes will contribute greatly in achieving that recognition.

Destination restaurants are often hard to find amongst the hordes of offerings, but Food Routes has identified a selection of unparalleled and authentic dining experiences in South Africa. Each one is a sure contender for your food & wine bucket list!!

Food Routes is South Africa’s first online booking portal to journeys of enjoyment destined to fulfil the food lover’s quest for the Edens of eating and the Shagri-Las of sleep.

  • Food Routes is a portal and gourmet specialist for 5-star accommodation establishments with an excellent culinary reputation based upon the food and the dining experience/s that are offered.
  • Listing is by invitation only and the accommodation establishments are carefully vetted and selected by the Food Routes team.  Food Routes selected establishments must meet exacting and specified criteria.

Food Routes is more than just another booking portal listing. It is a PORTAL WITH PERSONALITY, a CULINARY CONDUCTOR and a COURIER OF CLIENTEL who are enthusiastically seeking unsurpassed wine and dine encounters during their travels.

Food Routes’ unique itineraries, combined with up-close and personal attention to the individual’s dining desires, play an integral role in the overall enjoyment and satisfaction of the ardent food traveller.

Food Routes accommodation establishments are diverse and offer a wide array of luxury lodgings, creative cuisines and exceptional experiences and excursions for the epicurean explorer.

Riaan Kruger also announced that Food Routes will be the first culinary specialist in South Africa to utilize “Food Profiling”, a unique tool for the culinary conscious traveller. Stay tuned for this creative and exciting concept to be revealed within the next few weeks.

Food Routes offers 3 procedures to assure a smooth, effortless and successful booking.

  • On-line
  • An enquiry-quote system
  • Bespoke tailor-made itineraries

If you feel you need help, a member of Food Routes will be able to assist and plan a bespoke experience to unique & cultivated culinary experiences for you – the food-loving traveller.

To book your Food Routes Experience contact Food Routes:

Email: [email protected]

Website: or Tel Nr: 082 5427566 or 023 626 3498

Twitter: @foodroutescoza



More Information on Food Routes

A Feast of Facts & Features on Food Routes!

  • Guests can devise their own itinerary by utilizing the Food Route planner and distance chart and book their desired Food Route destinations through the Food Routes Platform.
  • With a fervent focus on divine dining experiences, each month the Food Routes website will feature a special restaurant, chef profile or interesting signature dish.
  • Food Routes will also feature all the latest news or events regarding any of the Food Routes destinations under the LATEST NEWS section on the website and therefore become an important reference source and marketing tool.
  • Mention and promotion of “foodie” destinations (produce farms, farmer’s markets, and shops) and places of interest close to your establishment will be included on the website.

Required Listing Criteria

  • The culinary experience and standard of food at the restaurant must be of the highest calibre.
  • Establishment must be 5-star or be known for 5-star service.
  • The restaurant must have an appointed head chef with his/her own unique style and food philosophy, which will be profiled on the website.

The accommodation establishment and the restaurant/s must manifest a high-level of comfort, impeccable style and luxuriant tasteful décor.

  • Exceptional service from all staff and front of house managers.
  • Locations in South Africa which are unique, cultural, influential and inspirational.
  • Gardens/grounds and buildings must be well-kept and maintained.
  • Samples or current/seasonal menu for website with some pictures of the cuisines being offered.

For more information contact  Riaan Kruger at Food Routes on +27 (0)82 3434 317 or email [email protected]

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