Floating Hotels of the Future

As fears of global warming induced population displacement are steadily realized, the allure of waterborne aquatecture becomes more and more enticing. Designed by Alexander Asadov, this incredible floating Aerohotel features a lighter-than-air aesthetic that sits serenely atop an elegant system of supports. Conceived as an elevated aquatic structure replete with hanging gardens, the space-age floating island preserves the entire extent of the ecosystem beneath it, contrasting with man-made islands that disrupt their immediate environment with tons of gravel fill.


The Aerohotel consists of a 200 meter wide circular hub lofted by an interlacing network of supports anchored by three arms that stretch to the bottom of its site. The structure’s body will contain cafés, restaurants, and winter gardens in addition to a hotel. The Aerohotel can be installed in any body of water, and the plans include docking arrangements for boats as well as a landing strip for a zeppelin – how slick is that?


Asadov Architectural Studio states that one of the benefits of the floating island is that it has “significantly less costs for construction against the gravel works. At this almost all the basin area under the construction is still untouched, thus improving the project’s ecological value.” If the current tides of global warming aren’t stemmed, we’ll certainly be looking towards more floating architectural solutions such as this.


Published with acknowledgement to Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation –



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