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FlySafair Delivers Excellent Performance

Six months into operations and having reduced prices on some domestic routes by up to 39%, FlySafair attributes its success to its unique, low cost business model. Kirby Gordon, Vice President of Marketing for FlySafair discusses how the airline has revolutionised the domestic market, expanding the consumer’s choice for short haul air transportation at the lowest possible costs.

Having flown 344,000 passengers on 3,059 flights and setting the bar for on time performance for all domestic carriers with the best overall year to date average of 95%, FlySafair’s strategy to compete for cost-conscious short-haul passengers is clearly working. Our entry into the domestic market saw air ticket prices being slashed drastically and traditionally overpriced routes becoming more accessible to a larger portion of the population.

While the fundamental nature of the low cost business model is to transport passengers from point A to B, at the lowest possible cost and on time, FlySafair understands that price is not the only determining factor when customers select an airline. In addition to offering pricing flexibility that allows passengers to tailor their fares, by opting in for additional extras such pre-booked preferential seat selection, on-board catering, extra-space seats or checked-in luggage, FlySafair also offers a competitive route network and schedule.

With several competitively timed return flights per day between Johannesburg and Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and George, as well as between Cape Town and George and Port Elizabeth, we have streamlined our schedule according to our consumers’ needs but also to maintain lower operating costs. Last year, a flight between Johannesburg and George sold for as much as R2213 one-way, and since FlySafair’s inception, tickets are now available from as little as R499, including taxes.

Having shaped our profitability strategies around optimising our assets which include our network, fleet and human capital requirements, and a powerful revenue management system, FlySafair is able to offer the service, flexibility and route network of a traditional full-service carrier.

Along with our mother company, Safair’s 50 year history of aviation excellence and experience on the African continent, and a management team that has undergone extensive training from some of the world’s most successful low cost airlines, FlySafair has the expertise to stay ahead of the competition. With the added benefit that our management offers many years of combined aviation experience and having clear roles and responsibilities in place, we are able to make decisions quickly to adapt to pliable market conditions.

While this flexibility allows us to optimise revenue management, it also provides us with the opportunity to enhance our passengers’ flight experience by providing a solution that meets their ever-changing expectations quickly and efficiently. By having access to real-time customer data, we have a better understanding of our customers’ needs, their buying behaviour, product preferences and loyalty drivers, which assists us in deciding which routes to serve, how frequently and at what times, plus it helps us to prioritise our marketing efforts.

In addition to optimising all operational aspects responsibly, and offering a quality, safe product, we believe that by offering exceptional customer service and living according to the good old fashioned values that our consumers treasure, our customer-centric approach will be the key differentiator that sets FlySafair apart from our competitors.

With a thorough understanding of the aviation landscape, its associated challenges and the evolving competitive environment, FlySafair is committed to being the consumer’s champion by keeping airfares sustainable and affordable, offering a viable and value-focused flight schedule, identifying and expanding market opportunities, and running a safe, responsible and profitable business.

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