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Food Festivals in Sussex, England

Food, food, glorious food! We all love our food and what better way to appreciate it than by heading to one of the many food festivals taking place over the next few months in Sussex, England.

September is the month of the harvest. A time when English farmers harvest their crops for the Autumn that will follow. It therefore makes perfect sense that we celebrate all the hard work that our farmers do to help provide us with tasty treats. Food festivals not only mean that we can all try something new but it also helps local businesses.

Sussex-Food-FestivalFood festivals are the perfect way to try something new, whether it be an international dish or a new flavoured fudge or a vintage wine you would have never discovered. Walking round the stalls of a Sussex food festival can feel like you have found Aladdin’s cave! Britain has become a multicultural nation which means that we are able to try a whole array of new and exciting foods from around the world. From Thai street food, to Italian prosciutto and Greek olives, local businesses have tapped into the demand for exotic fancies and luckily for us it means we get to try them!

Another great thing about food festivals is the fact that all the food is locally produced. When shopping in a supermarket, we don’t know what ingredients have been used to make our food or where it has come from. The nice thing about food markets is that they promote foods made or grown in the local area meaning all the food is fresh. In addition, small businesses will take more care when creating their product so you know it will be of the highest quality. The food you buy at a food festival will also be cooked right there in front of you, again ensuring it’s freshness.

Food festivals are great social events for the whole town or county to come together. The stalls are decorated and the products look new and appealing, there is usually some entertainment such as a singer or a guitarist. It is a time for celebration and fun! It is also not just the people of the specific town that will attend a food festival, people from the surrounding areas will also make an effort to come and see what is going on. No two food festivals are the same, with different businesses attending different festivals which means you can go to many different ones for a new experience each time.

The shopping experience at a food festival is a much more enjoyable one than shopping in a supermarket. You can get to know the person behind the product as you make your purchase, they are not a name on a package, they are the face behind the stall. At food festivals you may find some hidden gems you never knew existed, or yummy foods in beautiful packaging. These make great gifts for friends and family if you are after something a bit more unique. However, be sure to remember the name of the businesses you buy from so you can stock up in future!

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