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Healey’s Cheese Launches Tomme de Waterkloof

Tomme is the perfect treat for the artisanal range of natural, real cheese

There’s a new Big Cheese in town and families are loving it. Called Tomme de Waterkloof, this creamy newcomer is not only tasty and gentle on the palate but vegetarian-friendly too. The biggest feature, however, is that this semi-hard, French-inspired cheese is locally handmade by the award-winning Healey’s Cheesery & Deli at the biodynamic Waterkloof Estate near Somerset West.

Tomme cheese typically hails from the French Alps and Switzerland and is an exciting addition to the award-winning Healey’s range.

“We’re well known as a craft producer of superior, slow matured cheddar cheese, each with defining character and specific adherents,” says Desiree Sass, head of the talented Healey’s cheesemaking team.”Tomme de Waterkloof has broad appeal because of its sweeter profile and creaminess. This crowd-pleaser makes a great snack for the kiddies, too.

Tomme de Waterkloof cheese

“We’re now truly a one-stop cheese shop for families who’ve come to appreciate the natural philosophy and approach embraced on Waterkloof which strives to produce balanced, characterful wines by adhering to traditional organic and biodynamic methods.”

Waterkloof’s sustainable and untamed farming endeavours sit perfectly beside Healey’s approach to natural, real cheese that is free of all preservatives, artificial colourants, flavour enhancers and anti-moulds.

Newcomer Tomme de Waterkloof is mild, sweet and creamy with nuances of mushrooms and forest floor with a lingering salty undertone – deliciously moreish.

It is simply delish on its own but also works a treat when used with other quality ingredients. An easy-melter, it’s so brilliant on a beef, chicken or mushroom burger you’ll be asking yourself: has the perfect burger cheese just been discovered?

It also pairs exceptionally well with wines like the Waterkloof Seriously Cool Chenin Blanc – a sublime match made in culinary heaven.

Tomme de Waterkloof cheese with Burger

Good to know is that Healey’s is vegetarian-friendly because only microbial rennet is used and Healey’s Tomme de Waterkloof is certified Halaal.

It is also one of a few kinds of cheese washed in a brine solution. The process of making it begins with the milk of course, which comes from a Stellenbosch herd of pasture-reared Fresian cows.

The milk is pasteurized to rid it of harmful bacteria, then cooled to start ripening with culture and rennet. Once ready, the curd is separated from the whey and gently re-heated and stirred to smoothness.

Healeys Cheese Desiree Sass

The curd is then poured into muslin-lined moulds. More whey is removed through a series of pressings and rotations. The cheese is rested before and after being rinsed gently with brine. After four weeks of maturation, the Tomme de Waterkloof is finally ready to be devoured.

Healey’s Tomme de Waterkloof is available in Gauteng from Cheese Gourmet in Linden, Johannesburg or if you are in the Western Cape, pop in at Healey’s Cheesery & Deli to tuck into a wedge or two.

There’s an inviting wooden deck with unobstructed views of the mountain-and-sea landscape that calls for laid-back cheese sampling along with Waterkloof wine-sipping with friends and family.

The Healey’s Cheesery & Deli is situated on the Sir Lowry’s Pass Road, Somerset West and is open seven days a week from 08h30 to 17h00, Monday-Thursday. Fridays and Saturdays 08h30 to 17h30. Sundays, it closes at 16h00. You can also view the cheese-making process on Mondays to Thursdays.

For more information contact Healey’s at Tel: 021 200 2661; email [email protected] or visit

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