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Kent calling for fantastic beach holidays

Kent, one of the UK’s world-renowned “home counties”, is a part of the country which features a number of areas of outstanding natural beauty. It is a county that combines a whole range of different sorts of places, from busy, modern and bustling towns and cities, to quaint, archetypal English villages, and coastline settings with long beaches and seaside attractions.


Kent has famously been given the moniker of “the garden is England”, and for anyone who lives in the county or gets the opportunity to visit it, it is not difficult to see why. Long, sprawling settings of green hills stretch across some parts of the county as far as the eye can see, while much of the economy in some of the rural areas still relies on farming and such like. However, this “green” side of things is just one factor of many that Kent has to offer for people who may be considering taking a holiday there. Something for which Kent perhaps does not get the credit it deserves is its fantastic, diverse coastline, which stretches right around half of the county. In fact, according to Visit Kent, the county’s coastline stretches for 350 miles – far more than many people would have imagined or given it credit for.

Because of this stretch of fantastic coastline, Kent makes a wonderful destination for a person, couple or family who might be considering a beach holiday right here in the UK. Taking a holiday like this also has the advantages of being more cost-effective than travelling abroad, and also is likely to require far less travelling and hassle to get there and back. Kent’s public transport links with London, and therefore other major cities throughout the UK, are very good, so people do not even need to worry about having to drive if they do not want to.

In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the different destinations around Kent for those who are on the lookout for a fabulous beach holiday in the county. Each of them have something different to offer, and there is sure to be one that appeals to every individual, whatever it might be that they are looking for from their trip away.


Broadstairs is probably one of the most famous, well recognised and well loved beaches in the whole of the south east, if not the whole of the UK. As a town, Broadstairs plays home to all manner of things, from Blue Flag sandy beaches, a whole range of independent High Street shops, cliff top walks to nearby settings such as Margate and Ramsgate, cafes, restaurants, and much, much more. There is plenty in Broadstairs to keep the whole family entertained, from mini-golf and festivals, to the cinema and the theatre. As an area itself, Broadstairs encompasses seven different beautiful sandy beaches, perfect for families who are looking for somewhere to go on days out with the kids, or even for couples who might just want somewhere to relax and spend a day together in the sun.

Joss Bay

Located in an attractive setting not too far from Broadstairs, Joss Bay is one of the most popular beaches in Kent, and perhaps even in the south east of England. A sandy beach, Joss Bay is sheltered by steep chalk cliffs, and also appeals to many visitors because of its reputation as one of the best surfing beaches in Kent. As such, it has both a surf school and surf hire available for anyone who might be interested in grabbing a board and giving it a go.

As well as being a generally attractive sandy beach, and having everything a would-be surfer could need, Joss Bay also acts as an excellent starting point for coastal walks and cycle rides – it really is a beach that can keep everyone entertained, whether they simply want to relax in the sea and on the sand, or get involved in some fun and exciting activities.

Ramsgate and Margate

Ramsgate and Margate come together with Broadstairs, and the three towns make up the area known as the Isle of Thanet; the most easterly point in Kent. When considering the best possible location for beach holiday in Kent, it is well worth understanding and realising that of Kent’s 11 impressive Blue Flag beaches, eight of them are in the resorts of Ramsgate, Broadstairs and Margate. The Blue Flag is a certification that is awarded to beaches and seaside resorts by the Foundation for Environmental Education, whereby the beach must meet stringent standards in criteria such as water quality, safety, environmental education and information.

Having perhaps had a reputation as being somewhat old-fashioned and run-down in years gone by, Ramsgate and Margate are now “reinvigorated” – Margate, for example, now plays home to the world class, renowned Turner Contemporary gallery.


Not too far from the Isle of Thanet is Whitstable, one of Kent’s most popular and well loved towns. Located around five miles north of Canterbury and two miles west of fellow popular seaside town Herne Bay, Whitstable is famous for its oysters and its fishing. Oysters have been collected in the area since at least Roman times, and the area’s maritime heritage is now celebrated every year with the annual “oyster festival”. Freshly caught shellfish is also available at all times throughout the year, with the harbour still playing a major role in the town’s economy, even today.

The town itself has a distinctive character, making it an extremely popular destination for tourists, holidaymakers, homeowners and second-home buyers alike. Whitstable may not be able to boast the long, stretching sandy beaches of some of the other Kent coastal resorts, but its shingle beaches are still perfect locations for a family or couple to spend a long, hot summer’s day, with plenty of restaurants and shops in town to keep everyone busy and entertained too.

Romney Marsh and Dungeness

Romney Marsh and Dungeness is another location that may not jump out to people as a particularly “beach-y” sort of setting, but it is, and it also has the added advantage of fantastic, wide-horizon shore views. On a clear day, people can even look across the English Channel and see France from the beaches in the area.

Romney Marsh and Dungeness is also an area rich in wildlife, giving bird and animal spotters the opportunity to see what they can find.

So, these are just five potential locations in Kent for people who are interested in finding themselves somewhere for the perfect beach holiday. As was mentioned in the introduction, Kent is a wonderfully diverse county, with all sorts of picturesque locations, towns, villages and areas that are sure to have something to offer to all sorts of different people.

Before people make the final decision on booking their beach holiday in Kent, it is well worth them looking into all the different options available to them, and then being able to make an educated decision from there. Some resorts might be more suitable for families or groups of people with young children, while others might be a better choice for a couple seeking somewhere for a romantic retreat together. One thing’s for sure though – whatever it is someone is looking for from a beach holiday in the UK, they are sure to be able to find it in Kent.

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