Secrets For Mastering The Art Of Meeting Planning

Being a meeting planner is a tough job and requires someone who’s not only detail oriented, but also patient, precise and willing to stop at nothing to make the event anything less than perfect. If you’re wondering what it takes to be a successful conference planner, then you’ve come to the right place.

Use these ideas to help you pull off your next corporate event seamlessly and without any regrets. Focus on what you do best and always be polishing up on the skills that need a little more refining. Learn the secrets of mastering the art of meeting planning and how you can become even better at what you do best.

Spend Quality Time Selecting A Destination & Venue

Where your meeting is located is very important to how successful it will be in the end. While you’ll have a budget to manage, don’t let that stop you from at least seeing what the most prestigious places have to offer you in terms of a group deal. Once you have the destination selected, then you’ll want to search near and far for the right venue to host your meeting at, making sure it meets all of your standards first before signing on the dotted line.

Communicate Travel Logistics Early

Clear and consistent communication is essential to pulling off your next event. Your attendees are going to be anxious to start booking their travel as soon as you announce the meeting dates and destination. Make sure you get them this information and your preferred airlines and hotel well in advance. Staying on top of the logistics will help everyone to save money and feel comfortable knowing their travel is booked and finalized.

Find Fun Activities & Entertainment

The participants are going to come ready to learn and will also want to have some fun too. There should be a few afternoons or evenings where you can work on your ideas for some group events. It’s your job as the meeting planner to find fun and entertaining activities for them to enjoy while at the destination. If it’s in the area, one idea is to take your participants to the Escape Room in Saint Louis and challenge them to work together and problem solve their way through this adventurous game.

Remain Patient

One of the most important secrets for mastering the art of meeting planning is that you remain patient throughout the process. As the person in charge, you’re the last one who can lose your cool and get off balance as you try to secure meeting space, attract attendees and find sponsors. Stay level-headed and in control by practising self-care activities and taking care of yourself outside of work. Manage your stress levels so that when an issue does arise you’re able to attend to it with poise.


Make planning your next event easier on yourself by using these tips. The trick is never to let your emotions or concerns get the best of you. It’ll all work out if you pay attention to the details and take one day at a time.

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