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More bang for the buck

The phrase ‘bang for the buck’ is an idiom meaning ‘value for one’s money’, which is what many insurers aim to provide through client loyalty incentive programmes, and are worth looking into when choosing an insurer for your hospitality establishment, writes Des Langkilde.

Many insurers use loyalty cards to extend their value-added offerings to clients. Loyalty based programmes offer a variety of products and services at discounted rates to closed user Groups.

One such loyalty provider is Discounted Lifestyles, who administer the BnB Club loyalty programme on behalf of BnB Sure. In an effort to provide all BnB Sure policy holders with continued value-added services Discounted Lifestyle offer BnB Sure Policy holders the opportunity to market their establishment to Discounted Lifestyle’s closed user groups, which include over 3.2 million people.

In order to market their establishment through the loyalty based programme, BnB Sure policyholders need to provide Discounted Lifestyles with a discount of 10% on accommodation rates should the booking be made through one of the loyalty based programmes.

Potential guests are only able to get the discounted rate by contacting the toll free number dedicated to the Discounted Lifestyle BnB Finder platform and quoting the reference number that is provided with the listing. The operator then contacts the establishment that the guest has chosen and arranges that the accommodation be booked.

To leverage their value-added incentive, BnB Sure have launched a competition for all BnB Sure policy holders who sign up for the Discounted Lifestyles offer. The competition runs from 18 March to  31 May 2013 with various prizes over the value of R17,000.00.

For more information contact Rudi Briedenhann on 0861 444 444 or email [email protected]  or visit www.bnbsure.co.za

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