Partnership to Redefine Brand South Africa

Brand South Africa, the official custodian of South Africa’s nation brand, has partnered with Business Leadership South Africa and SA INC. to redefine the national conversation.

The team at Regency Global, producers of the SA INC. TV series, aim to produce a ground-breaking TV series focusing on the positive stories powering South African business, and the brand-new partnership with Brand South Africa (no pun intended), in collaboration with Business Leadership South Africa (BLSA), will take this to the next level.

Commenting on the partnership, Brand South Africa’s General Manager: Marketing, Sithe Ntombela, said: “Promoting a positive image for the country takes a number of committed stakeholders who are passionate about the country and advancing its long-term image and reputation. Brand South Africa is happy to partner with Regency Global in creating and telling a reinvigorated story of South Africa, for South Africans and the world”.

If you haven’t heard yet, SA INC. is about changing conversations – from the dinner table to the shebeen, from dusty street corners to gym cafeterias – about what it means to be a business and a citizen in a country waking up to a new decade of hope stimulated by political renewal.

It’s about shaking off the doom and gloom and sharing the real news that doesn’t reach the headlines. News on a shifting paradigm that is profit-with-purpose; that places shared value, innovation and inclusivity on the centre stage of our national priorities.

From March 2019, join South Africa to unfold a shared vision – through television and social media – and play your part to promote the cause by sharing the conversation.

About Brand South Africa

Brand South Africa is, of course, an organisation that ‘gets it’. For two decades they have been polishing the brand of South Africa (through good and bad times) to make sure that the country shines in the eyes of the world.

Through multiple well-crafted initiatives, Brand South Africa connects and builds relationships that nurture the status of South Africa and the globally competitive opportunities it presents. As the custodians of South Africa’s national brand, an alliance with SA INC. is a natural fit to create synergies in making sure the message is received loud and clear.

About Business Leadership South Africa

BLSA is the organisation that facilitates an exchange of ideas and effective dialogue between South Africa’s business leaders and key players within civil society, labour and government.

With a focus on advancing a modern, inclusive and growing economy; BLSA has teamed-up with SA INC to demonstrate in a tangible way, how, when business succeeds, South Africa succeeds; exploring the central role that business plays in addressing poverty, unemployment, economic injustice and workplace transformation in the lives of real South Africans. For more information visit

About SA INC.

SA INC. is the brainchild of Regency Global, an award-winning communications and development agency and creators of the ‘It’s Africa’s Time’ and ‘Time for Global Action’ series, broadcast across Africa and the world through multiple distribution partners.

Given the recent shift in political will, it was a no brainer to ‘bring it home’ and tell the South African story with a style and care that does justice to the country’s diversity and the transformation and inclusive growth that has already been achieved.

Yes, of course, there is still much to do and many challenges to overcome, but by sharing the inspiring experiences of people whose lives have significantly changed for the good, we can begin to gain a broader understanding of what is happening, what is possible and what our collective future holds. For more information visit

Play Your Part

All South Africans are invited to play their part in passing the message on that amazing things are happening in South Africa; that people’s lives are improving; that companies are involved in jaw-dropping innovations and that outside of the bubble of edited negativity is a story that needs to see the light of day. Get started by visiting

We are proud to be involved and challenge all tourism & hospitality stakeholders who can make a difference to do so.

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