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Saint Ange on Seychelles Tourism Report #14

My quote for this week is another one by the legendary Nelson Mandela as he worked to get more people to join the public life of his country.

“No Single Person, No Body of Opinion, No Political Doctrine, No Religious Doctrine can claim a Monopoly on Truth”

President Mandela’s quote dovetails nicely with the one on Respect fromBishop Denis Wiehe that I quoted last week. Respecting the right to speak, to participate, to be a representative is the guiding principle of any public figure striving for real democracy for his country, for his people, and also for International Organisations. President Nelson Mandela, a great African Icon, often spoke about the fight against discrimination and the drive to install RESPECT as the driving force for a better life. President Nelson Mandela also said:-

“For to be Free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to love in a way that respects & enhances the freedom of others”.

This edition of the Saint Ange Tourism Report is being issued as I make my way to Chengdu in China for the UNWTO General Assembly (11 – 16 September). Just last May the World of Tourism witnessed ‘Coup D’Etat’ style approach to have my name removed from the list of Candidates for the post of Secretary General of the UNWTO. Such a personal humiliation, and such an assault on a country’s sovereignty remains a crime.

Seychelles is currently going through a process of looking at how to compensate its citizens who feel their rights were abused in the past. Can the islands now open a new chapter where its regional organisation pushes the country to play second fiddle in the life of its citizens after the President of the Republic had issued a letter from the highest office of the land followed by a ‘Note Verbale’ (No 1/2017) from its Foreign Affairs Ministry to all Voting Members of the UNWTO endorsing the island’s Candidate. The United Nations must never succumb to such situations and must distance from anyone who directly or indirectly is associated with bullying tactics that remove freedom of choice, of association and of engaged participation. The UNWTO Secretary General is not for Africa, it is for the world at large inclusive of Africa, and the African Union cannot expect to dictate to the world who will be the candidate on the ballot paper for a position that represents the world. This action was corruption, it was bullying, it was against basic human rights and it was a crime.

Dr Taleb Rifai, the Secretary-General of the UNWTO, has issued his message ahead of the coming tourism gathering in Chengdu China in which he said: “A unique opportunity to get the sector united towards the common goal of making tourism a true driver of sustainable development.”

The World of Tourism will be asked to confirm the elected Secretary General from the May elections and will also be electing the Head of CAF (Commission for Africa). Tourism Ministers at the Africa Meeting in Addis Ababa heard that Najib Balala, the Minister of Tourism for Kenya was presenting himself as the new head of CAF for the new term ending 2019. This comes at a time when PMAESA, the (Ports Management Association of Eastern and Southern Africa) has had the Trading Name of “Cruise Africa” registered to see the cruise ship and the super yachts industry develop to greater heights in Africa, and this includes boating on the lakes and waterways.

Until next time, I bid you Bon Voyage.

Alain St.Ange
[email protected]

Saint Ange

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Topics featured in the 14th edition include:

  • Labor Market Structural changes & Challenges in Seychelles.
  • Dr Taleb Rifai, Secretary General of the UNWTO speaks ahead of the General Assembly in China.

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