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Saint Ange on Seychelles Tourism Report #16

Talk is easy. Walking the talk is more difficult. The Seychelles business community does not talk for the sake of talking, they put their money where their mouth is and help create the economy of the country and provide employment. Letting the business community do their work is important, and ensuring that conditions they operate under are conducive to growth is even more important. They are the motor of the economy and they will ensure that the country has a happier workforce. This is why less talk is needed and more action is expected.

The Dalai Lama expressed this sentiment very well when he said:

“When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.”

This edition of the Saint Ange Tourism Report comes at a time when Seychelles is experiencing two important situations that will impact the lives of the people and the island’s tourism industry.

Seychelles Inbound Aviation

The first important development is that it is now confirmed that at least two airlines (British Airways and Air France) are coming back to Seychelles after years of absence and that new ones are still sniffing around. British Airways and Air France will both be operating non-stop flights from London and Paris respectively. This is indeed good news for Seychelles and this successful announcement comes after very long negotiations.

Seychelles Safety and Security

The second development is a sad one. It is the deteriorating level of security in the islands that is causing good, hardworking law abiding citizens to be prisoners in their own homes. The breaking into cars and this developing period of insecurity, if not redressed, will impact negatively on the tourism industry. Malika Jivan, a local professional accountant, has made this point clear on a local newspaper. The beauty of our islands now needs the security and safety concerns addressed to do Seychelles, and the Seychellois people proud.

Sustainable Tourism

On a more positive note, World Tourism Day 2017 on 27 September will focus on Sustainable Tourism – a Tool for Development. This celebration is in line with the 2017 International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, the Day will be dedicated to exploring the contribution of tourism to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Sustainable Tourism is a benchmark for Seychelles. We have our very own Sustainable Tourism Label and we have seen projects touch on protecting what we have as a country and that showcase who, and what we are. Some tourism establishments have earned the Sustainable Tourism Label and they are today listed for all to see as hotels who care for the environment. They have joined the list of good custodians of what Seychelles has been blessed with.

As World Tourism Day 2017 on 27 September will focus on Sustainable Tourism – a Tool for Development we are listing three special projects that are examples today:-

1. D’Arros Island was recently mentioned on the International Circuit as a conservation & protection example that should make Seychelles proud. D’Arros Research Centre turtle monitoring course is in place with Jeanne Mortimer and local staff owning the project for Seychelles.

D’Arros Research Centre turtle monitoring course with Jeanne Mortimer and local staff & Part of the St Joseph Atoll.

2. Kot Man-Ya, Jardin de l’Ambassadeur flower garden off Les Canelles Road at Anse Royale belonging to former Ambassador Marc Marengo remains a traditional garden where visitors and Seychellois alike can view an explosion of colour through a conducted tour of this special tropical garden.

Creole Seychellois House and giant land tortoises of Kot Man-Ya, Jardin de l’Ambassadeur.

3. The Self-sufficiency ambitions on Denis Island that provide unique offerings for holidaymakers to experience are well worth noting during this International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.

Guests enjoying the pleasures of being part of a self-sufficiency ambition program on Denis Island in Seychelles.

As reported in the 12th edition of my newsletter, there are many establishments in the Seychelles that are leaders in sustainability, but their initiatives do need to be exposed to gain international awareness and I encourage them to participate in the great work that Des Langkilde and his team at TourismTattler are doing to showcase ‘Africa’s Sustainable Tourism Gems‘ on a global scale. For more information visit TourismTattler IYSTD2017 Initiative.

Seychelles Property Reviews

The worldwide coverage of the Saint Ange Tourism Report and the increased readership by Tour Operators and Travel Agents has seen more and more messages seeking the tourism report to introduce a column of objective assessments of tourism properties. We have responded to each of these requests on a one-on-one basis, but it’s important to state that for today we are, and will continue to, promote Seychelles as a country and alert everyone on aspects that need attention. We shall continue to bring to the forefront properties, facilities, attractions or activities that are examples, but shall refrain to air adverse impressions on establishments or facilities for now. We shall continue nevertheless to respond to personal queries or recommendations through WhatsApp or emails.

Organised activities and new facilities in Seychelles continue to grow. A recent addition where the class-conscious meet in a natural setting is the Champagne Bar at Avani Barbarons. It is indeed showing innovation with a difference.

Innovation showing great initiative at Avani Barbarons Seychelles.

Cost of Living versus Salaries

Today we also table the need to review the cost of living versus salaries. If a young returning graduate with a Master’s degree and full-time employment with the state cannot make ends meet, then the country has a problem. I recently met a fully fledged young Seychellois graduate employed initially with her Master’s degree at the Ministry of Education taking numerous roles, as a teacher, research officer, unit developer for the University of Seychelles and Part-time lecturer before moving to the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change. She has been posting for extra after-hours work to make ends meet. If a qualified Seychellois with a Master’s Degree who was selected to be part of the cohort to follow that Master’s Degree in Education under The Australian Award program and with an Australian Leadership award cannot make ends meet in her full-time work as a Civil Servant, is it not time to quickly relook at the Cost of Living in Seychelles, bearing in mind of all the thousands who do not possess a Master’s Degree. The time to act is now.

Until next time, I bid you Bon Voyage.

Alain St.Ange
[email protected]

Saint Ange

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