SATSA Market Intelligence Report (MIR – October 2012)

The information below was extracted from available data as at 18 October 2012, writes Martin Jansen van Vuuren.

The latest available data from Statistics South Africa is for January and June 2012:

Current period Change over same period last year
UK 215 524 5%
Germany 118 776 12.2%
USA 155 522 16.3%
India 53 291 21.2%
China 60 272 68.4%
Overseas Arrivals 1 163 477 17.1%
African Arrivals 3 239 944 8.3%
Total Foreign Arrivals 4 416 373 10.5%

NB: African Arrivals plus Overseas Arrivals do not add to Total Foreign Arrivals due to the exclusion of unspecified arrivals, which could not be allocated to either African or Overseas.

Hotel Stats:
The latest available data from STR Global is for January to August of 2012:

Current period Average room occupancy (ARO) Average room rate (ARR) Revenue per Available room
All Hotels in SA 57.6% R 873.09 R 502.94
All 5-star hotels in SA 55.8% R 1 550.11 R 864.39
All 4-star hotels in SA 57.5% R 840.73 R 483.45
All 3-star hotels in SA 57.7% R 704.74 R 406.55
Change over same period last year
All Hotels in SA 7.2% 3.5% 11.0%
All 5-star hotels in SA 11.5% 1.3% 12.9%
All 4-star hotels in SA 8.0% 3.4% 11.6%
All 3-star hotels in SA 5.3% 4.2% 9.8%

ACSA data:
The latest available data from ACSA is for January to September 2012:

Change of same period last year Passengers arriving on
International Flights
Passengers arriving on Regional
Passengers arriving on Domestic
OR Tambo International 1.4% -0.6% -1.8%
Cape Town International 7.6% 19.7% 1.9%
King Shaka International 15.4% N/A -4.8%


The growth in revenue per available room for hotels is encouraging.  It points to an improvement in not only the occupancy of the hotels but also the room rates that are being achieved.

This positive news is being countered by the decline in passengers arriving on domestic flights at OR Tambo and Cape Town International Airports between January and September 2012, compared with the same period in 2011.

Complaints from guesthouses, bed & breakfast and self-catering establishments that they are not experiencing the increase in tourism arrivals might point to a situation where business tourists are travelling (who mainly stay in hotels) while the holiday tourists are not travelling (who mainly stay in other types of accommodation).

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