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Sinking of RV Saigon Pandaw during Ocean Transfer

On 21st December, Pandaw River Expeditions received the news that the RV Saigon Pandaw had sunk off the Malaysian coast whilst under tug tow from Saigon to Singapore and then on to Yangon. There was no one on board so there were no casualties. We are still awaiting the results of the official investigation but we are told that the hull became swamped with water and capsized in heavy seas.

The Saigon, to have been renamed the Sagaing, was a much loved ship by all who sailed in her. Built only three years ago in Vietnam, she was on her way to take up duties in Burma where demand is now so high.

We have contacted all passengers booked and have the space in other ships to relocate them or if not convenient, passengers will be refunded the full amounts paid. Passengers have been incredibly kind and understanding over this and we are deeply grateful to them for their sympathy at such a time.

Despite this loss, with two new ships under construction, we at Pandaw still have the capacity to meet growing demand for river expeditions in Burma.

Paul Strachan
Founder – Pandaw River Expeditions

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