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Super sweet snowboard designs

What are some of the best snowboard designs of recent years? The best snowboard designs tend to come from famous brands and artists that have devoted their careers to producing prints and other designs for boards that can allow riders to stand out on the slopes. Some of the best examples of this craft has come from companies such as Burton, particular teams like Type A, and annual design contests. Snowboarders can see many of these, and other great designs, when out on the slopes at events hosted by What, then, are some of the sweetest snowboard designs out there?


Designed as part of the Salomon Artwork Contest, this board features the head of Salvador Dali in its centre, with what appear to be tigers with tentacles coming out of their mouths on either side of him. Add in a bright orange background, and you’re on to a winner with this board.

Global Warming is Our Enemy

From the same Salomon Artwork Contest, this board features the slogan ‘Global Warming is Our Enemy’ and illustrates this with a polar bear in a suit raging from a dais. An excellent example of a simple design taken to a new level of meaning.

Burton/BVYUM – Andreas Preis

These twin boards share the same design, with ‘Speak Easy’ and ‘Moonshine’ images combining tribal images of animals and mythical creatures.

Snow Bunny

A board produced around the basic concept of a girl, a board, and a slope, this Snow Bunny design wins points for its cartoon design style and detailing.

‘80s Style

This board goes full ‘80s with neon colours, a tape desk, and plenty of cables. From Freelo Design, the board deserves credit for the level of detail that it goes into.

Bataleon EvilTwin

Part of a series of boards designed by Petrovsky & Ramone, the EvilTwin incorporates a photo strip series of graphics, which mix girls with a dog and landscapes for a striking effect.

Burton Monkey Wrench

A board that takes an unusual (if tasty) approach to design, this one features a graphic of a pizza wrapped around a board; handy if you want to work up an appetite while out boarding.

Epix, Smoking Gun

Designed for Freeride boards, this design features a gun shot and requisite cartoon bang, and is distinguished by its strong cartoon style.

The Muppets

Who wouldn’t want to have the Muppets in their board? From Gonzo to Kermit, these Burton designed boards are all about the bright colours and their iconic characters, and are sure to get some attention while out on the slopes.

Type A Roan Rogers

Not every board design has to be elaborate, as this board from 1990s team Type A demonstrates; the board makes excellent use of a simple grey blue and black design.

Author Bio:- Kevin Maddox has been following the latest snowboarding and ski trends for several years. For ski and snowboarding instruction, he recommends visiting He also blogs about graphic design and how to find work as a freelance artist.

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