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How clean is your hotel? Chemical applications in the hospitality space

At home, more and more consumers are opting eco-friendly cleaners made with natural ingredients, but how important is this when choosing a hotel to stay at – are hotels stepping up when it comes to the use of environmentally (and ...

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Housekeepers Critical for Hotel Guest Experience and Safety

Hotel housekeeper knocking on room door

The most important curator for hotel brands is not the concierge, reception or hotel manager – it’s the housekeepers. Housekeeping is the single most important factor behind guest experience and safety, brand image and even the operational costs of any ...

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The Underestimated Value of Housekeeping

There are many factors that contribute to a guests’ enjoyable stay, however, one aspect that is often underestimated and overlooked is the housekeeping. By Paul Duverge. There are various departments in the workings of a hotel that greatly contribute to ...

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