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Fundamentals: Starting with the Foundations – People

The first and most critical part of any Revenue Journey is to make sure you have a good organizational foundation with the right team members. The members of the team will have to put revenue management in place and execute ...

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The Revenue Journey – Part 2: Navigating the Journey

After having taken the plunge into revenue management (see Part 1) you will need to start navigating the revenue management journey. Only very few people are gifted or talented in a certain area and most of us will need to ...

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The Revenue Journey – Part 1: Taking the plunge

We all know that revenue management has been around for a while. When we book our airline tickets, prices change based on the time, demand, class of booking, routing and other factors. Then, about 25 years ago, hotels started to ...

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Big Data for Hoteliers

The Next Frontier in Revenue Management Big Data seems to have been the buzzword in most industries for the last five years. But unlike many other industries that have integrated Big Data as a key component of their operations, the ...

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