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Adventure Tourism: An Operators Guide To Risk Transfer

The business of providing adventure activities to tourists is a contentious issue when it comes to securing risk transfer via short term insurance. The reasons are as complex as this niche tourism sector is diverse. This article explores how the ...

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What To Do If Injured In A Car Accident Abroad

Car Accident

Road traffic accidents are one of the most common, and invariably serious risks that tourists face when travelling abroad. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), road traffic injuries caused an estimated 1.35 million deaths worldwide in 2016 and the ...

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A Guide To Coping With Medical Emergencies Abroad

Coping with medical emergencies while abroad can be stressful. But it needn’t be. A bit of prior planning ahead of your business or leisure trip will help you to cope a lot better. Here’s a brief four-point guide to help ...

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Types of Travel Insurance Explained

Travel Insurance Explained

In today’s world of uncertainty and increased frequency of unexpected events, risk transfer by means of travel insurance is more important than ever before. Preparing for the unexpected places you in an offensive position, especially when you leave the comfort ...

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Risky Business: How Companies Avoid Pitfalls Abroad

Business travellers who extend their trips for pleasure should be aware that they need to purchase additional travel insurance cover should the leisure portion of the trip comprise more than half the time they are away. With more business travellers ...

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Tourism Insurance Part 5

Bandaged couple on a bench

Summary: Part 1 in this series covers an introduction to insurance, an outline on the EC Directive, the basics of risk management, and financial guarantees. Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 look at liability insurance.Part 5 continues the subject ...

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Thunderstorm Season

As summer approaches the Southern Hemisphere it is important to listen for storm warnings. Weather conditions change rapidly and thunderstorms are especially prevalent at this time of the year, writes Andre du Toit. Objects struck by lightning experience heat and ...

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The Fine Print

In Part 1 of this three part series, I wrote about the importance of building a culture of ownership and looked at the ‘Big 5’ preventative measures in managing risk. In part 2, I will deal with the fine print ...

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Passenger Liability Replacement

Tourism Tattler readers may be aware that the Constitutional Court found the amendments to the Road Accident Fund Act to be constitutional. As a result, Passenger Liability insurance is no longer an effective risk transfer solution for Tour Operators on ...

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Under Insurance Risks

The protracted devaluation of the rand over the last two years has left many insured’s with inadequate cover. The effect on claims payments can be catastrophic for clients already under pressure from an unforgiving economic climate. By Paul Halley. Restaurants, ...

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Wildlife Mortality Insurance

Possibly the highest risk in terms of animal well-being, can be apportioned to animals that are captured and held in bomas awaiting sale at an auction, writes Julian Freimond. Stress and injury followed by exposure resulting in mortality in the ...

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How to protect your business, your staff and yourself against disaster

Snake about to bite a human foot

The Tourism and Leisure industries are constantly evolving and the biggest by-product of this is increased competition. One extremely effective practice in staying ahead of the pack is finally getting the attention it so urgently deserves. One doesn’t have to ...

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