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A Guide To Coping With Medical Emergencies Abroad

Coping with medical emergencies while abroad can be stressful. But it needn’t be. A bit of prior planning ahead of your business or leisure trip will help you to cope a lot better. Here’s a brief four-point guide to help you do just that.

Medical Insurance

Having a strong and reliable medical insurance plan in place is the most essential component for both regular and infrequent travellers. You need to know exactly what each plan covers and how relevant they are to both the location and activities you plan to participate in whilst away.

Repairing broken bones or treating ailing body parts can be expensive and more often than not, travellers find themselves financially unable to cover the hefty medical costs. If you find yourself unable to pay for crucial medication or treatment, you could take a short-term loan from places like Uncle Buck Payday Loans to ensure you are able to pay any substantial costs.

First Aid Kit and Medications

In order to safeguard yourself from any minor medical emergency, you will need to bring along as much self-medication as possible. Many people only pack the essentials such as Paracetamol and Ibuprofen, but having a more rounded collection will ensure you are prepared for any issue.

You also need to have a record of any prescriptions you take as well as your doctor’s name, contact information and a summary of your medical history. Make sure you have highlighted any allergies or medical conditions that could prove life-threatening. Having a hard copy could prove easier for foreign people to understand compared to verbal communication.

Learn the Local Language

Learning a new language is difficult and time-consuming, but having a base level understanding of how people communicate in the country you are visiting could prove to be highly beneficial. There are a number of basic medical phrases that need to be understood such as “Where is the hospital?” and “I need help.”

To make things easier, you could always use translator technology on a smart device such as a mobile phone or tablet. If the application isn’t able to relay the translated word, then you can point to them and indicate what you need help with.


Certain countries have health issues that are more prevalent in their environment compared to other locations. This means a thorough amount of research needs to be conducted in order to ascertain the required vaccinations needed to ensure you are safe and secure.

These need to be updated on a regular basis and any additional vaccinations will need to be put in place to ensure there is enough time to allow the incubation period to take place successfully.

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