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Crime in South Africa? What Crime?

Search the internet for just about anything to do with travel to South Africa and a crime story is bound to pop up, even though the story is totally unrelated to travel and tourism. Do these negative reports impact inbound ...

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TBCSA Urges Government To Step Up Safety & Security Efforts

Pretoria, South Africa: The Tourism Business Council of South Africa (TBCSA) has called on the government to step up efforts to uphold the rule of law and address the scourge of crime in the country. The Council believes this will ...

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Tourism Safety Communication in South Africa

Cape Town sunset with SA Tourism Welcome man

A focussed public-private partnership approach for the South African tourism industry to positively inform potential visitors on safety and security issues is imperative for the country to compete as a safe destination on the global tourism stage. Here’s the Who, ...

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Tourism Security: A Comparison on Safety Tips

Like many other tourist destinations in the world, it could be argued that South Africa has some way to go to manage the trade-off between providing information to travellers about safety and security considerations versus the important task of growing ...

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