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Namibia – Single, Available and Exotic

The recent currency roller- coaster, expensive travel visas and fears of terrorism across Europe and the East have left African business and holiday travellers searching locally for their travel, meetings and conference options. Exotic destinations are becoming a stretch on ...

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Through a Tourist’s Eyes

The other evening, a tennis partner asked me what my likes and dislikes are when on holiday. Here’s how I answered, writes Justin Mackrory, CEO for UGU South Coast Tourism. To begin with, even if one is in a questionable ...

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Maasai Villages: Pretentious or real?

Maasai Village ©Renate de Villiers

Camouflaged in a dusty, Tanzanian winter landscape a Maasai village seemed to have appeared out of nothing. Everything the eye could see was covered in hues of brown – the landscape, the village, the huts, the local faces and their ...

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