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Alayne Reesberg to speak at Gauteng Institute for Architecture 2013 Awards

Alayne Reesberg, CEO of Cape Town Design NPC, the implementing agency for the World Design Capital 2014 will enlighten the audience at the 2013 Awards for Architecture about the planned initiatives planned for 2014 when the attention of the world’s design community will be focused on Cape Town and South Africa. Under the banner of “Live Design. Transform Life” the WDC2014 will demonstrate the power of design to transform lives and to change the world.

“It is an honour for GIfA to be associated with the WDC2014, as we share a common determination to promote uniquely South African design solutions. Architecture is the most visible of the Arts and one of the most powerful agents for socio-economic change. Architects are specialists of the built environment and have a key contribution to make towards creating more sustainable societies and urban environments. South Africa faces huge challenges towards creating more inclusive and humane cities. Johannesburg is one of the world’s fastest growing cities, with an estimated population growth topping 14 million within the next decade. As such GIfA and its members have a vital role to play” Said Daniel van der Merwe, President of GIfA.

About Alayne Reesberg

In 1997, Alayne graduated with a Masters degree in Communication Studies and moved to management consulting. After graduating she spent two years working with private equity money in dot.coms. She then joined the Microsoft Corporation at its Seattle headquarters in 2001, where she worked for six years in Bill Gate’s Enterprise Division. She is currently spearheading the WDC2014 campaign. For more information about CT World Design Capital please visit:

About GIfA

GIfA is a voluntary association established in 1996 and incorporates the Gauteng region of the previous Transvaal Institute for Architects (founded in 1909). The Institute is a member of SACAP (SA Council for the Architectural profession and is a regional affiliation of SAIA (SA Institute for Architects). For further information about GIfA please visit:

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