Top 10 Unusual Attractions in South Africa

South Africa’s.. Different Attractions

South Africa is a lush country with diverse culture, cuisines, wildlife, and unmatched natural beauty. It is one of the most popular vacation destinations globally because the country is blessed with natural wonders, fantastic culture and cuisines. There are many things to do and see in South Africa, ranging from the incredible architecture and scenery, extraordinary coastline, beautiful beaches, and incredible coral reefs. Every part is worth exploring.

Furthermore, group tours in South Africa give you an amazing chance to explore the stunning beauty and grandeur of this incredible country. As they become more popular, these South Africa group tours let you go on an adventure with fellow travelers who share your passion and excitement.

However, South Africa has some of the weirdest and unusual site attractions you might never have heard of. Even though they are not widely known, these unusual attractions will have you itching to explore or visit:

The Big Pineapple, Bathurst

The Big Pineapple is located at Bathurst, and it is also referred to as the Pineapple Capital of South Africa. Bathurst is the home of the world’s most giant artificial Pineapple. Measuring 16,7m, it’s taller than the Big Pineapple located on the Sunshine Coast of Australia which is one of the more popular Sunshine Coast Attractions. It has an observation deck, and you get to see a 12-minute film on Pineapple production in an auditorium, then an exhibition on local agriculture.

Cat Statue, Aberdeen

Petronella Lynz and her daughter are known as the Cat-Women of the Karoo. They developed a feline orphanage for hundreds of stray cats in Aberdeen. Also, a massive statue was made in their honor, and it is erected outside the Aberdeen Heritage Archive and Tourism Bureau. If you’re a lover of the feline family, you would love to visit the Cat statue in Aberdeen because you will get to see hundreds of cats, and a metal cage has been built around the cat, so they can’t go missing or stolen.

Sudwala Dinosaur Park, Nelspruit

The Sudwala Dinosaur Park is located at Nelspruit. It was created to look like a Jurassic Park-like outdoor museum filled with varieties of life-sized models of prehistoric animals. These animals model are placed in a tropical garden. The park is filled with birds, monkeys, and you get to have a scenic fantastic view deck that’s over the Rainforest Valley.

This is a beautiful site attraction for children because they will love seeing the life-sized models of prehistoric animals, especially the Dinosaur sculpture.

The Shoe House

The Shoe House is a beautiful place to be. Besides, it brings to mind the nursery rhyme that’s about the little lady who lived in a shoe. It possesses a small museum, curio shop, an Alfa Omega cave, and a tea garden that you can explore while you’re here. Besides, it has a guesthouse to stay overnight if you lose track of time exploring the shoe house. You can actually stay in the shoe guest house for something fun to do. To check out their prices, click here

Eco Shrine, Hogsback

In the Amatola Mountains, you can get to the Eco Shrine through a leafy tunnel of hazelnut trees. The artist will be available to guide you on tour and provide you with the inspiration behind each piece.

Owl House, Nieu-Bethesda, Eastern Cape

This list isn’t complete without the Owl house, and it’s one of the popular unusual site attractions in South Africa. It is located in Karoo town in Nieu-Bethesda. The house and garden are filled with strange sculptures of owls, camels, and people. Helen Martins, the artist, became blind due to her constant exposure to the delicate and crushed glass that she uses in making her sculptures. After she got blind, she committed suicide by taking in caustic soda at 78. It’s genuinely a fantastic original place that will give you a memorable experience.

The KwaZulu-Natal Battlefields Routes

The KwaZulu-Natal Battlefield route is a fascinating historical site. It is home to about 82 battlefields, museums, and old fortifications. In the 19th century, the KwaZulu-Natal Battlefields Route was where the historic battles between the Boers, the British, and the Zulus occurred. Also, it is the most significant concentration of war-related sites in South Africa.

Route 67, Eastern Cape

Looking for inspiration during your vacation? Then you must visit Route 67. It is an art and heritage trail that exhibits the 67 artworks of local artists. These art pieces pay tribute to a year in Nelson Mandela’s life while emphasising the British and African’s heritage. Route 67 are filled with incredible murals, multi-coloured mosaics, and sculptures that will keep you inspired as you walk through the trail to visit the museums and historical sites.

The Big Hole, Northern Cape

The Big Hole of Kimberley, Northern Cape, is an unusual site attraction that attracts visitors and tourists because it’s the world’s most enormous hole excavated by hand. By visiting the exhibition centre, you will journey to the past to learn about gold rush stories and how diamonds are formed. So you don’t only get to have fun, you also get to learn a lot.

Stellenbosch, Western Cape

Do you want to go on a road trip? You can take a drive through the unusual town of Stellenbosch, which is known as the oldest European settlement in the Western Cape. Stellenbosch is known for having a well-assembled street lined by Cape Dutch-style houses with a unique charm of the past and still possess contemporary amenities and attractions.


South Africa is a country filled with a fascinating display of alluring landscapes, a serene atmosphere and full of cultural diversity. You can’t fathom all these with your imaginations only, you must visit these incredible site attractions to get the full experience.

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