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Why Tour Operators Should Attend 2016 ATA Congress

11 November 2015. The 2016 Africa Travel Association (ATA) Congress will be held in Rwanda. This announcement was made today at the 40th ATA Congress Annual Membership Meeting, held at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre in Nairobi, Kenya.

So why should Tour Operators register to attend the ATA Congress in Rwanda? Here’s a few sound reasons:

1. Networking
Unlike many trade conferences, which usually convene for 2-3 days, the ATA Congress stretches over 5 days. This gives ample opportunity to meet with potential ATA member buyers from the USA and other key inbound markets to Africa.

Notable in this regard is a comment made by one of ATA’s USA outbound members, who said “After attending the ATA Congress and meeting those Africa based Tour Operators who were present, I felt far more confident in doing business with them, especially in terms of tour booking bank transfers for deposits, and knowing that my clients will be in good hands when they arrive at their destination.

2. Knowledge Sharing
The extensive ATA Congress programmes are jam packed with in-depth panel discussions & analysis on highly relevant topics from industry leaders.

3. Get in on the ground floor
ATA works with host country public sector tourism authorities to address regional policy initiatives like joint marketing travel facilitation and access to ATA Chapter FAM trips in the USA.

Of course, there are many other benefits to be gained by attending an ATA Congress, but the fact that 2016 is being held in Rwanda is certainly reason enough.

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