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Sprinkle Valentine’s Love

February is the Month of Love and to celebrate this romantic time, Stellenbosch Hills has created the perfect couple. Enter Polkadraai & Popcorn! For Valentine’s month only, the light-hearted winery with the really good wines, has put together a special pairing of its colourful and fun-loving Polkadraai range of wines with simply moreish, gourmet-flavoured popcorn.

Now’s the time to get cosy with your babe and live it up on the Polka side of life. Book your seat right away or even better: spread some love and get your friends signed up too. On top of a lovely day out in the country, Stellenbosch Hills has laid on four Polkadraai & Popcorn combos that will simply melt your tastebuds.

Just like Polkadraai wines, the popcorn is no shabby home-made concoction. It’s handcrafted by famous gourmet popcorn maestros Guzzle & Wolf.

For starters, the tasting line-up features the Polkadraai Sauvignon Blanc Brut 2017 – the latest addition to the range that’s only available from the well-known cellar. This drier style, crisp wine has lively fruit flavours that are an absolute smash with Guzzle & Wolf’s razzle-dazzle banana-coated popcorn. It’s so recognisably tropical in flavour, you just have to close your eyes to be transported to a love boat in the ocean somewhere in the Maldives.

The Polkadraai Chenin Blanc/Sauvignon Blanc 2017 cha-cha with the all-round favourite: salted caramel popcorn. Expect more tropical flavours, but this time with a grassy note in the wine. Try the popcorn with a sip of wine and magic happens. The popcorn’s salty kiss awakens a sweeter note in the wine and blooms with fruity aroma.

Dark chocolate won’t be unexpected in this spread, especially as the popcorn dressing paired with the divine Polkadraai Pinotage/Merlot 2016. The ripe, black and red berry flavours of the wine come together with the dark chocolate taste and unleash a total melt-in-the-mouth explosion.

Then, with pink the undisputed colour of love, the final spot belongs to Polkadraai Pinot Noir Sparkling Rosé 2017 served with the star of the show: strawberry popcorn. A seductive salmon coloured sparkling wine, the rosé is a sweet and medium-bodied bubbly that brims with red berry and strawberry flavours, and a hint of candyfloss. Nibble on those fluffy strawberry popcorn kisses and it’s a Cupid carnival in your mouth.

It’s not for nothing that Polkadraai wines bear this name. The serious explanation makes reference to the winding Polkadraai road that connects the diverse vineyards used in the making of well-balanced and expressive wines. At the same time, the name reflects joie de vivre and all things polka – from the lively dance that has its roots in Bohemia to the fashionista’s playful polka dot pattern.

Every week, this celebration of life reaches a peak at the Stellenbosch Hills winery. Called Polka Friday, the corks pop for the happiest day of the week with a special offer – buy any five Polkadraai wines from the cellar and get one absolutely free.

Spreading the goodwill, Polkadraai contributes to the Polka Kids Community Project that was launched in 2008. A percentage of all Polkadraai wine sales is donated to the neighbouring Vlottenburg Primary School.

The school has some 400 learners that include the younger children of most of the vineyard and winery employees at Stellenbosch Hills. The funds provide for teaching aids, which greatly enhance the educational experience.

So, by booking a seat for Polkadraai & Popcorn you do a good deed too.

The Polkadraai & Popcorn Tasting session runs for about 30 minutes, although there’s plenty more time to explore Stellenbosch Hills’ full range of quality wines too.
The tastings take place at the winery, Monday to Friday 9:00 to 17:00 and Saturday 10:00 to 15:00.

Reservations are recommended. Book by sending email to [email protected] or phone 021 881 3828. For more information, visit

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