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Win with Pirelli and Landrover

It’s time to get out of the urban jungle, leave the traffic behind and experience the 5 star adventure of a lifetime. Pirelli and Landrover are offering you the chance to explore the wild and beautiful landscapes of Namibia in a Landrover SUV. To stand in line to win one of four double tickets for this incredible prize, simply purchase any two Pirelli SUV Tyres at your local fitment centre and upload a scan or photo of your original invoice to

The Pirelli Landrover Experience will unleash your inner pioneering spirit and give you a taste of the best Namibia has to offer. From the Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary in the Eros Mountains, to Swakopmund, where the remote Namib Desert awaits to give you views into tomorrow, to an adrenalin-pumping day of putting the SUVs through their paces on the Swakopmund dunes, this incredible journey will leave you breathless. Of course, in tough territory like the Namib Desert, safety and performance are paramount. Which is why Pirelli SUV tyres and Landrover are the perfect mix, because together they are game for any terrain. Pirelli tyres combine top performance, the highest quality and Italian passion, helping cars perform at their very best. Pirelli tyres ensure a shorter braking distance, better handling and grip and improved safety. All of which means a pulse-racing Landrover SUV Adventure that doesn’t compromise on safety or control.

Pirelli brings together an established history and a focus on innovation, research and development to produce tyres of unparalleled quality. Since being founded in Milan in 1872, Pirelli has grown to become a global leader amongst tyre makers. The Pirelli goal is the constant refinement of, and improvement, in the performance of all of their products – which means confidence and comfort for anyone purchasing Pirelli tyres. This is highlighted by the fact that Pirelli is the single tyre manufacturer for both the Formula 1® 2014-2016 Championships and the World Superbike Championship.

Winners for the extraordinary Pirelli Landrover Experience will be announced on the 5th of September. For more information, go to . It’s time to hit the open road with Pirelli and Landrover – Don’t miss out.

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