Art Deco Boutique Hotel

Adrian Gardiner’s Shamwari Townhouse in Port Elizabeth underwent a major Art Deco revamp and relaunched as No5 Boutique Art Hotel with some innovative features, writes Des Langkilde.

In choosing the new identity, No5 Boutique Art Hotel, the Mantis Collection literally went back to basics by placing emphasis on the property’s physical address, Number 5 Brighton Drive in Summerstrand Port Elizabeth, in the hope that possible confusion with the nearby Shamwari Game Reserve would be avoided and to ensure that guests will continue to enjoy the accessibility of this boutique offering.

No5 Boutique Art Hotel houses a privately owned art collection with world-class facilities, hand selected for the enjoyment of both business and leisure travellers. The facilities offer a unique combination of style, comfort and affordability, including:

  • Luxury Accommodation in 10 private suites
  • Champagne Lounge and Jazz Room Dining
  • 14 seat Provencal-style Dining Cellar
  • Salon Privé Cigar & Whiskey Bar
  • 14 seat Mountbatten Theatre
  • 12 seat Executive Boardroom
  • Rock Retreat Spa & Gym

The Mantis Group representation, which incorporates five divisions namely; Hospitality, Management, Marketing, Wildlife and Education, keeps the at the No5 Boutique Art Hotel at the forefront of the tourism industry allowing Mantis to continue offering guests the exceptional service they have become accustomed to.

“The number 5, in a numerological sense, is known as the most dynamic and energetic of all the single-digit numbers. It is unpredictable, always in motion, constantly in need of change and yet surprisingly loyal. With nothing demure or submissive in its nature the number 5 is a risk taker and adventurer. The spiritual meaning of number 5 also deals with travel, adventure and motion, a testament to the discerning travellers and guests that frequent our hotel” says Adrian.

The Art Deco style represents a style that is elegant, functional and modern whilst the interior style is streamlined and geometrical, often including furniture pieces with curved fronts, mirrors, clean lines, chrome hardware, and glass. Elements that are very evident in this architectural master piece.

No5 Boutique Art Hotel is marketed by the Mantis Collection. Mantis offers a full suite of marketing related services and activities that include international sales, public relations, strategy implementation and new media marketing techniques relating to the world wide web, social media and other key web marketing initiatives. Mantis is made up of five business divisions, they include Mantis Management, Mantis Development, Mantis Conservation, Mantis Marketing and Mantis Education.For more information visit:

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