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Cape Town Marriott Hotel Crystal Towers Launches “Chef’s Cut” Menu

Cape Town Marriott Hotel Crystal Towers is hosting a unique, limited edition chef’s menu with secret dishes and flavour combinations to tantalize the palate.

Curated by Executive Chef Cameron Giles, “Chef’s Cut” is a menu offering that features a fresh take on South African cuisine, with the region’s iconic fynbos playing the lead role in a culinary tour-de-force. This sumptuous, surprise menu has never before been tasted, and what can be done with locally-sourced ingredients will amaze and astound you.

The weeklong promotion is being hosted simultaneously across Marriott Hotels in Bangkok, Cape Town, George Town (Grand Cayman), Istanbul, Orange County (California) and Charlotte (North Carolina) and leverages a global food and beverage emerging trend to create a one of a kind experience that is sure to surprise and delight guests. Chef’s across these hotels are challenging themselves to use their imagination and creativity to craft menus that will provide a refreshing perspective on dining.

“Marriott Hotels’ latest and greatest test-and-learn experience is bringing new flavours to our guests around the world in an intimate dining experience. The trend is very much focused on our guest’s desire to be surprised whether it is through a surprise menu item or a surprise meal, and, with Cape Town being a culinary epicenter, we are delighted to be a part of this global promotion,” Carolyn Jones, General Manager, Cape Town Marriott Hotel Crystal Towers.

The Chef’s Cut surprise menu is only available from 5 – 11 November 2018 at Cape Town Marriott Hotel Crystal Towers. Space is limited, booking is essential.

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