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Kwandwe Leads the Charge on World Rhino Day

Leading up to World Rhino Day on Sunday 22 September 2013, conservation success story Kwandwe Private Game Reserve in South Africa’s scenic Eastern Cape will be hosting a week-long programme of interactive and educational activities for guests, staff and local communities.


For guests on the reserve, activities include the opportunity to go on a Rhino Walk to view these extraordinary animals on foot, led by a specialised ranger and tracker team. Normally offered at an extra cost, there will be no charge during the week (no pun intended!) in celebration of this special occasion. On the 22nd there will also be a rhino talk at each lodge at different times during the day, hosted by general manager Graeme Mann. Children will be encouraged to get involved by drawing pictures and baking biscuits in the shape of a rhino, and posting them on Kwandwe’s Facebook page. All guests will also receive a small gift as a memento of this special day.

Conservation lessons will be given at the local community schools by Kwandwe rangers, explaining the importance of protecting this species for future generations. With the assistance of the Angus Gillis Foundation, the Mgcambele Community Centre preschool will make cards and bake biscuits, which will be displayed at and served for guests’ afternoon tea on the 22nd.




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