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Media Accreditation for Associations

Traditional payment for advertising and content marketing costs are a major drain to non-profit organisation budgets, so Tourism Tattler has developed a barter deal based on the concept of “what we can give you in return” rather than “how much it costs.”

The concept is to exchange mutually beneficial collateral that can help broaden distribution, enhance publicity and gain visibility in previously untapped markets. This barter agreement is completely free of charge.

Here’s how it works:

Our side
We offer:

1. Your logo with a brief description and hyperlinked contact details in each monthly edition of our digital and print magazine.
2. Your logo with hyperlink on the home page of our website.
3. Your logo with hyperlink on our monthly newsletter.
4. A free Premium Listing on our GeoMaps Trade Directory in perpetuity.
5. A full page magazine brand display advertisement in any three monthly editions per year, free of charge.
6. Unlimited uploads of your supplied PR on our Trade News portal (with RSS Feed).

Your side
We require in return:

1. Our logo with hyperlink on your website home page.
2. Free annual ‘associate’ membership to your association (if applicable).
3. Profile on your website with our logo, photographs, web links, company description, etc.
4. Access to your Membership Directory and database (subject to confidentiality clause in agreement).
5. Hosted invites to all networking events, seminars or conferences.
6. Access to your lounges and/or cocktail functions at trade shows.

To get the ball rolling with a standard ‘Memorandum of Understanding’, email an expression of interest to [email protected]

Note: As a Media Partner or Associate Member we will not have the same rights of full members, or have a vote and cannot propose or second new members.

Tourism Tattler is proud to be an accredited media partner to:


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