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Peak Season Safety and Security Alert for Airports

The Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) in collaboration with multiple stakeholders, has implemented additional security measures for the festive peak travelling season. History and statistics show that certain criminal activities increase during the peak season.

ACSA continues to use security technology aimed at ensuring a safe and pleasant experience for passengers and all airport users. Security measures at ACSA airports are constantly monitored and reviewed to ensure that they meet both local and international legislative requirements and standards.  ACSA constantly works with relevant aviation industry and State security cluster stakeholders to manage and respond to security threats.

Security Tips for airport users:

Unattended items and vehicles

Airport users are reminded to not leave any items unattended. This includes luggage and motor vehicles. Airport security and law enforcement agencies will impound unattended vehicles and confiscate items that are left unattended in the terminal building.

Porters and trolley operators

Airport users are encouraged to exercise extra vigilance and only use airport accredited porters when they require assistance with baggage and trolleys.  Accredited operators are identifiable with the bright orange uniform that clearly states the porters name and operating number. If a passenger is unsure of a porter’s status or is approached by a porter, they should go to the nearest iHelp desk.

Airport services

All accredited airport service providers are uniformed, with the company’s name clearly shown. If you are approached by someone not wearing a uniform and who wants to provide a service, please refuse, please inform your nearest helpdesk agent.

Meter taxi operators

Passengers are encouraged to use accredited meter cab operators.

Using an app-based transport services

No matter the pickup point, always make sure you check that the vehicle licence plate number and driver match the information sent to you.

When using a transport service to pick you up

It is not unreasonable to ask the driver to show you paperwork from the driver service company confirm the pickup and drop off details, the driver’s details, and the vehicle’s details.

If you are being followed

Pay attention while driving. If you feel you are being followed, drive to the nearest police station. Alternatively, drive to the nearest public facility, where there are many people and vehicles, and phone the police.

Car jamming

Please double check that your car is properly locked. Test all your doors before leaving your car.

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