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Resounding Success for Cape’s Tourism December

The preliminary figures for visitor traffic at Cape Town International Airport and at the city’s major attractions in December 2016 are out, and it’s good news all round.

Not only did Kirstenbosch, Groot Constantia and Cape Point enjoy a record-breaking month, expectations were exceeded.

Visitor numbers to the attractions in brief:

  • Robben Island Museum: There were 49 738 visitors to the Island this past festive season, 4% more than in December 2015.
  • Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden experienced a record December with the most visitors in a month. December figures = 118,699, a 6% increase YOY. The second best performing month in their history was December 2014 with 116,986 visitors. YOY growth = 6%
  • Groot Constantia experienced a record December with 79000 visitors, a 25% increase on December 2015. However, total visitors for the year amounted to 437,000, a 5% increase YOY.
  • Cape Point also experienced a record December with 129,039 visitors, a 15% increase YOY. Their second busiest month was in October 2016, with 113,709 visitors. Total visitors for 2016 amounted to 1,095,270, a 23% increase YOY.
  • Table Mountain received 150,201 visitors in December 2016, a 0.3% increase YOY. Their 2016 total visitor figures = 1,102,189, a 14% increase YOY.

Even in cases where December figures were slightly lower, the attractions posted fantastic annual figures reflecting growth up from 2015.

  • Waterfront had a 1% decrease in visitors YOY for December. However, for 2016 in total, they had almost 1 million more visitors than 2015. The Watershed and Aquarium visitor numbers have increased in 2016 and this could explain the decrease in visitors to the Waterfront.

Cape Town International Airport’s arrival figures hit the ball out of the park, with the airport announcing that it had achieved the milestone of 10 million passengers in one year for the first time.

Breakdown of arrivals at Cape Town International Airport:

Total 2016 arrivals = 5,028,430

2016 arrivals increased by 7% YOY.

2016 arrivals breakdown:

                Domestic arrivals             = 4,030,151 (5% increase)

                Regional arrivals              = 101,275 (19% increase)

                International arrivals     = 891,945 (16% increase)

                Total arrivals                     = 5,028,430 (7% increase)

December arrivals = 522,659, an 8% increase YOY. The fourth quarter 2016 (Oct-Dec 2016) experienced a 6% increase YOY compared to the same quarter in 2015.

December 2016 arrivals breakdown:

                Domestic arrivals             = 398,245 (3% increase)

                Regional arrivals              = 8,795 (1% decrease)

                International arrivals     = 84,493 (29% increase)

                Total arrivals                     = 522,659 (8% increase)

Tourism organisations cited locals preferring to stay within South Africa in December and the exchange rate, which remains favourable for international visitors as contributing to the favourable results.

“The figures represent an enormous boost to the city’s economy during December, as well as an indication that the growth potential in the tourism sector remains positive. While it’s still high season, with plenty of visitors still to arrive, we’re confident that the 2016/2017 holiday period will be one of the city’s highest-ever. Well done to all tourism professionals and locals for welcoming our visitors with open arms.” – Enver Duminy, CEO, Cape Town Tourism

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