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SATSA Aids Gauteng Tour Operator Permitting Issues

Following a meeting with MEC Ismail Vadi and his executive team, the Southern African Tourism Services association (SATSA) is pleased to announce that the Department of Transport in Gauteng has made an allowance to continue with the current permit system, effective until 31st December 2015.

This will allow transport operators the opportunity to process all outstanding and new applications, within the conventional time frame, rather than being caught up in the conversion process to a new permitting system.

This undertaking by the Department of Transport in Gauteng allows for a legitimate operation with valid documentation. The onus to convert from permits to operating licenses in 2015 remains the responsibility of all operators. This window will allow the Department of Transport in Gauteng to resolve their current systems issues. SATSA urges its members to enter the conversion process timeously.

“This by all means is the best resolution that the MECs office could have provided,” says SATSA CEO David Frost, “It provides a legitimate solution to the problem without recourse to temporary or any other form of amended documentation. Thanks to MEC Vadi, who when we met with him today, dealt with the matter decisively.”

Frost furthers: “I would like to thank Mohamed Baba, MD of Ilios Travel and the SATSA ExCo member responsible for transport issues, for making time available to join me in the meeting with the MEC. In addition I would like to thank Joe Motsogi, Jabu Matsilele and Patrica Dilotsotlhe for their active support. Finally thanks to all members who have shown extreme patience during the last couple of months.”


SATSA is a member-driven, non-profit association representing the private sector.

The association represents transport providers, tour operators, destination management companies, accommodation suppliers, tourism brokers, adventure tourism providers, business tourism providers and tourism services providers.

SATSA members have to conform to the highest standards in the tourism industry, which are checked annually. Members are bonded*, providing a financial guarantee of deposits held against the involuntary liquidation of a SATSA member.

SATSA has a daily impact on tourism in Southern Africa through its lobbying activities.

* The term ‘Bonded’ refers to the ‘Lost Advances Fund; for more information visit

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