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Seychelles Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Korea Office

Sherin Francis, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board heads to Seoul in Korea for what is being described as a ‘major mission’ for the period 28th August to the 2nd of September.

Sherin Francis, CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board.

The working visit by Mrs Francis coincides with the 10th Anniversary celebration of the Seychelles Tourism Office in Seoul. “This is a perfect opportunity to get added visibility and ensure we stay relevant in Korea. Seychelles has developed with success a working program to continue to diversify its source markets and Korea remains on the list with great potential,” said Sherin Francis as she prepared to travel to Seoul this weekend. 

On Tuesday the 29th August a Seychelles-Korea Food & Cultural Exchange Event with Creole and Korean Chefs will be at the centre of a promotional event before a press meeting which will be followed by one-on-one interviews.

Seychelles Tourism Board is using the island’s Creole Culture to galvanise visibility during this working visit.  

On Wednesday the 30th August Mrs Francis will be hosting the tourism trade partners with Creole Cuisine Banquet with one to one meetings which will end with the signing of cooperation and exchange MOU with the Seoul Tourism Association.

Ms Francis has interviews already set with The Korea Travel News, The Travel Times, and Chosun Daily Newspaper. 

The celebrations for the 10th anniversary of the Seychelles Tourism Board’s Korea Office will be held on the evening of 30th August, with 120 attendees of media, travel trades, Tourism Friends of Seychelles and important opinion leader groups. The invitees will be treated to Seychelles Creole cuisine where a 5-course dinner menu will be served accompanied by a Seychellois rum based cocktail.

On the 29th August, a Master cooking class will be hosted will be staged co-hosted by the Korean Food Foundation. Under the title ‘Creole-Korean Food & Cultural Exchange’, Creole Seychellois Chef Marcus will present Creole dishes, while the second session will be for Chef Marcus and Korean Chef Yoo Hyun Soo, where Chef Marcus will adopt Korean sauce to Creole food and Chef Yoo will adopt Creole Sauce to Korean dishes.

Chef Yoo used to be 1 star Michelin restaurant. Now he runs his own restaurant in one of the classy street in Korea. He also stars in weekly TV program called ‘Chef and My Fridge’ on JTBC TV.

The Tourism Board’s CEO will be joined on this working trip by Julie Kim, the Seychelles Tourism Board’s Manager in Korea, Mr Jeong, the Seychelles Consul, Penny Belmont, the CEO of SENPA, Marty Chang Sam also from SENPA, Mickey Arnephy an artisan from the island’s World of Pottery and Anna Maria Payet from the Jewelry and handicrafts manufacturing section of SENPA.

The Seychellois artisans will be showcasing their works on the two soirees and pieces of their work will be offered as raffles for the two evening. Both of them including CEO SENPA will also be involved in the interviews to create more buzz in the press there.

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