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Hotels a Prime Target for Cyber Threats

JOHANNESBURG, 31 July 2018 –  The hospitality industry is a prime target for cyber threats as hotels offer many opportunities for hackers and other cybercriminals. Hotels are targeted because they hold a host of personal and financial information on their guests, as ...

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5 Steps to Dealing with Emergencies Abroad

Travelling abroad is an exciting activity that millions undertake each and every year. Whether embarking on beach holidays or jetting off for city breaks, every holiday type comes with its joys but unfortunately, they come with risks too. When we ...

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Terrorism Challenges in Africa

The hotel industry goes hand in hand with excellent security, as it is an integral part of  the hotel’s success. In modern day, hotels invest heavily in security measures, given that lack of it can render both guests and staff ...

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Tourism Forum: Crime and Security

Posted on 18 March – Forums /General /Crime & Hospitality Security: Tourism Offices Posting Crime Stats blatantly in the face of potential tourists and visitors We need to crow-bar the lid off this “Crime Stat” confusion as regards tourism. Why ...

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