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The Rich and Famous in Cannes

Long associated with luxury, Cannes has been home to the rich and famous for decades. Located on the Cote d’Azur, this French city is lined with five star hotels, Michelin starred restaurants, and boutique shopping and clubbing. Cannes really comes to life during the annual film festival held in the city during May, but attracts celebrities year round to its yachting bay and luxury accommodation. What are some of the favourite spots and activities for the rich and famous when in Cannes?

  Like other French coastal towns and cities like St. Tropez and Monaco, Cannes has a luxury reputation for its Mediterranean weather, beaches, and high quality hotels, casinos, and restaurants. The modern version of Cannes came together as the result of being a wintering resort for Victorians, and grew into its reputation for luxury in the 20th century through villas, penthouses, and the development of La Croisette around art deco hotels and the Cannes film festival.

In terms of the luxury hotels enjoyed by the rich and famous staying in Cannes, some of the most notable include the Hotel Martinez, which has 412 rooms, a 2 star Michelin restaurant on site, a private beach restaurant, and a Givency Spa. Other leading hotels within Cannes include the InterContinental Carlton, the JW Marriott, and the Gray D’Albion, which cluster around the centre and the harbour of the city, and are packed out with celebrities during May’s film festival.

Those looking to stretch their credit cards in Cannes can head to the Boulevard de la Croisette, which is home to designer brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, and Dolce & Gabbana. Shoppers can also check out handbag and accessory stores, as well as specialist spas such as La Mas Candille. Outside of Paris, Cannes arguably has one of the highest concentrations of boutique shops in France, making it one of the most exclusive places to shop in the country.

Cannes is also distinguished by its world class, Michelin starred restaurants, which include Le Mesclun on the Rue St-Antoine; menus start at around 40 Euros, an approach also taken by the in-house restaurant of the Carlton Hotel. Other notable restaurants include Palme D’Or, Le Harem, and La Chunga, which serve everything from international cuisine to food sourced from the waters of the Mediterranean.

Celebrities wanting to splash out on nights out while in Cannes can do so at the Casino Barriere and exclusive clubs like Le Baolo. The Palm Beach Casino Club is also one that has been converted from a hotspot for gambling into a nightclub; Le Carre Blanc, the Admiral Bar at the Hotel Martinez, and the VIP Room Nightclub are similarly recommended, while many celebrities opt to host their own private parties on their yachts when visiting Cannes.

Author Bio:- Kevin Maddox is a travel writer and Francophile with a love for exploring the south coast of France by car. Although the city is expensive, he recommends checking out Chez Nous and the many more affordable apartments and gites located around and on the outskirts of the city if you’re staying in Cannes.

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