4 Travel Budget Myths to Stop Believing

As an avid traveller, you most probably know that there are a lot of useful travel hacks that you can make use of when travelling. However, not every single one of those hacks is true and applicable, and you definitely have to double-check just to make sure your trip will be hassle-free.

Below, are four of the most common budget travel myths debunked, so you should stop believing these, especially if you plan to make your Bear Lake lodging vacation a fun and memorable experience.

Myth # 1: It’s Okay to Rent a Car

Sure, it’s okay to rent a car when travelling, but only if you have the budget for it. Car rentals can be expensive, even in cities where you think they ought to be cheaper. If you are travelling on a budget, then it would be best to maximise your options when it comes to commuting. Taking the bus or train will save a lot more than going for the usual car rental option.

Myth # 2: Stay Out of the City

Yes, hotels and motels that are located in the city centre are a lot more expensive compared to the ones in the countryside or the rural areas, but you can find cheaper options in the city. You don’t always have to go to a hotel, as you can rent Airbnbs, bed and breakfasts, or apartments if you have a strict budget. The thing with staying outside the city is that you will most likely spend more on commuting to the city, seeing as that’s where the popular sights and attractions are, so it actually defeats the purpose.

Having said that, though, there’s nothing wrong with staying out of the city if it’s peace and quiet that you’re after, but if you are after city action, then it would be best to stay there as well.

Myth # 3: Book Right Before your Trip

Booking a flight right before your trip will definitely cost a lot, and you most likely know that already. However, you might have booked your hotel or Airbnb at the last minute, which can be a smart move if you are trying to save, as most hotels and properties will put their available rooms on discounted prices just to make a last-minute sale.

While this might be a wise decision, you risk the chance of not booking anything, especially if you are trying to find accommodation in the city. If you have no other choice, then chances are you’d end up getting any accommodation or room available, which will most likely be expensive.

Look up different places months before your trip and book the most affordable one if you have a strict budget.

Myth # 4: Only Look at Budget Travel Airline Flights

Don’t restrict your travel and airfare booking research based on the airline solely, as more and more airlines are becoming competitive when it comes to airfare. You might only look at your usual budget airlines, but it would actually pay to take a look at all of the available airlines and compare them to the budget ones.

Install a couple of airline booking apps on your phone to make the search easier and much more accurate for you.

Proper planning and doing your research beforehand will definitely help you save money during your trip, so make sure to do that instead of practising these myths. Best of luck and enjoy your trip!

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